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The further and deeper we go in terms of development process, the more curious things we want to tell you here, in our weekly WIP article. Let's go straight to fresh news about, once again, great MMO mode updates!

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The further and deeper we go in terms of development process, the more curious things we want to tell you here, in our weekly WIP article. Let's go straight to fresh news about, once again, great MMO mode updates:

Science Station and module Upgrades

In a previous article we talked about modules quality: as you can remember, there are three of them - Defective, Normal and Improved. This time, as, we promised, we are going to tell you about upgrades.

So, once again: Defective and Normal equipment can be upgraded to Normal and Improved equipment accordingly on special stations which can be found while traveling across the confines of the known Galaxy. But no worries here: we don't want to implement any sort of upgrade chances or any related stuff, making you try to upgrade it dozens and hundreds times and then brake the module. Just some more or less usual ingredients and a station:

  • Defective equipment can be upgraded on Repair Stations - ones which were previously used to repair your ships, They can be found across the Galaxy, just as before. You will also need several copies of the item you wont to upgrade and some IGC.
  • If you want to upgrade Normal equipment to Improved you will have to find a special station - Science Station - several copies of the item, some IGC and, possibly, resources.

Each station - Repair and Science - is going to have a specialization: some can upgrade your blaster weaponry, some can only improve the quality of auto cannons, for example - so you will need to look for a Station you need across the Galaxy, fighting your way through different enemies, gathering a raid to these stations or maybe even making ambushes there in attempt to get all the loot. Well, there is no way it won't be fun!

Looks almost like just another crafting recipe with a slight possibility of adventures on your way to the crafting tool, which should be more interesting right?;)

Galaxy Map - Zones, Rings and Keys

During latest NPC Factions Test, MMO mode in Starfall Tactics included three zones in total: starting Faction territories, Inner circle for Faction wars and Outer Regions. They are not divided by level like it's usually done in most MMOs, so, basically, you have access to everything from the start, which allowed everyone to get the high-level content first, miss all the stuff we carefully prepared there and, of course, this beautiful feeling of progress and discovery. And it's obvious that before coming to the high-level content, there should be some fun zones to let you relax (well, if you can do that by fighting pirates) and explore Starfall Tactics even deeper - of course, we will further add more quests (including story missions), events and other interesting activities.


These zones in Starfall Tactics called Rings - they divide Outer Regions to some smaller zones you can explore. To get to the next level of the Galaxy and enter the new Ring, you will need to craft a special item - Access key. These key can be crafted from different elements which can be found in the current ring:

  • Resources - usual resources you can mine.
  • Navigation Data - an item you get for most actions in the current ring, like killing pirates or questing. It's unique for each Ring.
  • Decoders - rare items which can be acquired as a drop from bosses or other strong enemies. They are also unique for each Ring, but you will need just a couple copies of them.

So, you get Navigation Data while exploring current ring and making all the things you already got used to, combine it, Decode and get an access key for the next level! Not that hard, huh? Also, after getting this Access Key, you automatically get a recipe for the next one.

Access Keys

Navigation data

This way, Zonal system is going to give a great goal for your progress in the game and also will allow us to make sure that you won't miss all the exciting content and explore every corner of the universe carefully created by Snowforged Team;)


Aaand even more cool visual stuff incoming! To make your ships have a unique visual style, reward you for achievements and participation in certain events, we are now adding decals - some of them can already be noticed here:


These decals can be placed on your ships as an additional decorative element or a way to show off - and we will surely add more of them so everyone could enjoy customizing their ships even more ;)

Discuss all the changes on our forum or in official Discord channel!

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