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New module and another couple of great updates for the MMO mode.

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Holidays are already over and it means that the whole Snowforged Team is already here! Stay tuned and read this weekly article we've just prepared for you:


Another thing which deserved several improvements is our detachments system - we couldn't just leave it all without balance changes, taking into account global rebalance and our new Rings system. So, Detachments were completely reworked to fit current system: now they contain fewer ships from the beginning - it allows new players feel more comfortable while controlling their fleets and get used to battles in Starfall Tactics. Of course, pirate fleets were also adjusted to the new detachments, so first levels will be a little more kind to you, allowing to learn the game step by step and get ready for a high-level ring. New detachments are also now improving step by step, making each new detachment interesting for you - there won't be any situations when the third detachment you get is better than 10th for some reasons.

Among changes in balance, there are some other improvements: to make fleet and detachment construction easy and clear, we moved detachment menu to the ShipYard. Now you can always see which detachment are you going to use and ships in this detachment, while Deploy button sends you directly to the Galaxy Map.


As an additional improvement (and the thing you asked us to make many times before), we have just added a full list of the ships to the right border of your screen - if you don't wont to scroll through the long row of your ships, it can be a great option to help you navigate in ShipYard - otherwise you can just hide it.

Warp Anomaly

Along with Rings system we are implementing, we had to replace our Warp Gates with Warp Anomalies so it could fit the current concept. Why did it happen? Let's dig a bit deeper into the background of these features:

First of all, our keys are not just keys - they are Warp Stabilizers, which help you stabilize a certain set (yes, a Ring!) of anomalies and get through them. And how did these anomalies appear, why they are separated in several Rings, will you ask. Well, some time ago, in this Galaxy happened an anomalous energy surge. Its nature is still unknown, but the fact is that seven waves of this surge, which happened in different time, created rings of anomalies among the Galaxy. These anomalies somehow connected star systems - sometimes in a weird way, but still, it was something to make this Galaxy look like a hive. These anomalies are unstable, and without special equipment can bring you to the deep open space... or to nowhere. So, get ready to solve this mystery in Starfall Tactics!

Starfall Gate

And of course, Warp Gates will appear in Starfall Tactics as another feature - explore the confines of the known space in the future tests to get more info!

Shield Recharger

There were a lot of balance changes for shields, which made them a more valuable layer of defense than before. Still, shields can't start recharging in battle, so even stronger tanks will need to retreat quickly, which they, due to their mass and maneuverability, usually can't do without special warp modules.

So, to let some ships tank with a shield a bit longer and get new shield module combos, we've added a new special module - Shield Recharger. It quickly restores a certain amount of shield to the ship with this module installed, even if it's in battle and currently under attack, and has 3x2 size.

Can you already imagine a couple great shield module combos? Don't hesitate to share it on the forum or in Discord channel!

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