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I've released an updated 2.0 version of the Star Wars Total War-DEMO. The new 2.0 version of the DEMO has: 1. Updated AT-AT Walkers, 2. Three new Galactic Empire-units, 3. 8 new Rebel Alliance-units, 4. Old Factions disabled, 5. New Symbols/UI/Banners, 6. Neutrals playable in custom with 3 new units, 7. Galactic Campaign has 10 planets instead of 2 - including custom strat-map models and unique battlefields for Endor and Hoth - these are also in custom, 8. Empire has new strat-generals.

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So I gave Dagovax Sirrianus the idea to re-make the old Star Wars: Total War mod. I had the models from the easily mod-able game Freedom Force - and when he tried getting them into the Rome: Total War engine they worked well. Fredom Force is from 2005 (the expansion) and RTW is a game from 2004 - so the models were old enough.

Features of the new 2.0 version of the DEMO:

1. Improved the AT-AT Walkers of the Galactic Empire - they are now their proper size and have a grey color instead of black.

2. Added three new Empire units - the Storm Troopers (attack), the Tie Pilots and the Snow Troopers.

3. Implemented 8 new Rebel Alliance units - the Hoth Troopers, Twi'lek rebels, Tauntaun Hoth Troopers, Rebel Pilots, Snow Speeders, GR-75 Medium Transport, Corellian Corvette and the Nebulon-B.

4. All of the old factions and rosters disabled - they're no longer playable in the custom battle menu.

5. Remade the old symbols, User Interface and menu.

6. The Neutrals are playable in custom battle with three new Ewook-units - and the old Wookie-unit.

7. The Galactic Campaign-map now has an improved look with 10 planets instead of 2 - Hoth and Endor has their own unique strat-models on the map, and battlefields in real-time-battle - they are also added as new custom battle maps.

8. Finally the Galactic Empire now has a Star Destroyer-general, a Tie Fighter-captain, an Imperial Shuffle-diplomat and the recruitment is done for the existing units.

The demo is still intended for custom battle-only because the campaign-map has far too few settlements/planets for it to be playable - You can playtest it but it will be over in no time.


Same as for other RTW-mods but as the mod has been ported to the Alexander-Expansion you'd need to place the SWTW-folder inside of the Alexander-folder.


carmen-1294 - - 248 comments

But what is this? What is this doing here?

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Mr_Nygren Author
Mr_Nygren - - 3,795 comments

? It's an old mod for Rome: Total War that's been revived a year ago - a modder started it back in 2008-2009 where it got it's first two releases.

So I got the highly skilled modder of Rome Total War, Dagovax Sirrianus - also the cretaor of Total War: 1942, to resurrect this mod after it had been dead for like 11 years - and since January 2020 some work has been done.

So this here is a demo of the current version of the mod.

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ichoffski - - 16 comments

Interesting. I thought Empire or Napoleon Total War would have worked as basis for a Star Wars mod, though.

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Mr_Nygren Author
Mr_Nygren - - 3,795 comments

Nope, the map cannot be changed, the animations cannot be changed and I don't think lasers could be added.

This mod already had a basis built in 2008-2009 as well.

A Star Wars-mod is only possible on Rome: Total War, Rome Total War - Remastered or Medieval 2: Total War: Kingdoms.

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