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A list of frequently asked questions. Please check below before asking your question.

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md2gold Vyeyo

Q: Is “STAR WARS: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy” required to play this mod?
A: Yes, it’s essential. This is a modification for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and not a separate game. In order to play this mod, you need to install the game and upgrade the game version to the latest version (v1.1), via the game’s official patch. We also suggest checking the ReadMe, for the full installation instructions.

Q: When will the mod reach its 100% conclusion?
A: At this point, all we can say is.. Only when it's done. Whilst our team is very skilled, we’re only a relatively small group of people, with personal lives and a limited amount of time. However, we are working effortlessly to bring you the best mod, possible.

Q: When will the next version of the mod be released?
A: Stay tuned to the Articles section, where you'll be informed and notified about each new, publicly available version and what's coming next, in future updates.

Q: Is this mod playable on Steam Deck, Mobile or Mac?
A: Unfortunately, no. This mod is currently ONLY supporting Windows PCs currently. Mobile support is extremely unlikely as OpenJK does not have a mobile version, and we don't have anyone that can compile for Mac systems. Deck support is currently unsupported, though we do have blueflounder who can compile for Linux.

Q: Where can I find the source code?

Q: Why are all recent updates released in two parts?
A: Since Update 4, the Mod has gotten rather large for a JKA mod (currently 6 GB), and due to ModDB download speeds being inconsistent (sometimes fast, other times slow), it's split into two parts so that people don't have to worry about a download error possibly happening mid-download and having to restart the process. We also have Google Drive mirrors to alleviate this.

Q: How do I skip cutscenes?
A: You need to press your USE key binding, which by default is set to the R key.

Q: Parts of my screen are cut-off, when I change the resolution of the game.
A: Locate MovieDuels.x86 in your GameData folder, right click > Properties > Compatibility > Change High DPI setting > Check "Over-ride High DPI Scaling Behaviour" box > click "OK" and launch the mod again.

Q: How do I perform all of the "fancy" moves, I've seen in the preview videos?
A: It’s suggested that you play Jedi Academy and it's campaign, before playing this mod. The base game will help you get to grips with all the necessary basics of combat and other controls.
You can also enter the Datapad by pressing the “TAB” key. From there, you can view a list of all the available moves that can be performed in the mod.

Q: How do I select a different character during the Mission/EXTRAS area?
A: To do this, press ESC - Click on the “Character” field and you’ll enter the character selection screen menu. From there, you have a wide variety of characters and their alternative skins to choose from.

Q: Why is the Petranaki Arena mission extremely laggy?
A: To put it shortly, Jedi Academy's game engine was not built for large clusters of NPC fighting, add to that the game only uses 1 GB of RAM and uses one CPU core. We don't have development resources to completely overhaul how the game handles memory usage, though we've scaled back how many NPCs are in the mission for the next Update.

Q: I can't play the game. It shows me the error message “Couldn't load default.cfg.”
A: You’ve probably extracted/installed the MD Beta 2 file, in to your “base” folder. This is the incorrect directory. The file has to be extracted in to the “Gamedata” folder (or a GameData folder, if you have more than one).

Q: I'm getting an error message, stating "UI_ParseAnimFileSet: 4 == MAX_ANIM_FILES == 4", every time I try to run STAR WARS: Movie Duels.
A: It's likely that you've ran Jedi Academy, through Steam. The mod has to be to run, via the "MovieDuels.x86.exe" file. When you run Jedi Academy through the Steam application, it only loads the "normal" Jedi Academy engine that has the base/vanilla game's code. So, each character model will only have a max. of 4 animations (humanoids). If you want to run your copy of the STAR WARS: Movie Duels mod through Steam, you need to go to "ADD A GAME" > "Add a Non-Steam Game..." in the Steam program window, locate the \Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy\GameData folder and add the "MovieDuels.x86". Once added, you can rename the shortcut in your Steam library, if you wish.

Enjoy the mod.. And remember.. The Force will be with you, always!
STAR WARS: Movie Duels Team

predatorwookiee - - 32 comments

Do i remove the original Movie Duels for this?

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General_Howard - - 16 comments

Yes, get rid of the old version of the mod, before installing and playing this one. Having a duplicate of the mod will cause issues, potential or possible crashes and a wide number of bugs, that wouldn't naturally occur.

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zombiejames28 - - 1 comments

Will the new force powers like force judgment ever make it into the jedi academy campaign as selectable force powers like with force slow and blast?

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Tompa9 Author
Tompa9 - - 1,092 comments

Yes, definitely later.

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Guest - - 692,158 comments

So im running into an error im unsure how to fix: When i try to load certain gamemodes or certain maps, i get an error along the lines of "unable to load movielibrary"

Any knowledge of what i've done wrong, if any? thank you

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Tompa9 Author
Tompa9 - - 1,092 comments

Hi, thats probably bad installation.

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Cj0505004 - - 3 comments

Hi, for some reason every time I try to play a mission it gets stuck on the loading screen, and I am unable to play but I can hear the mission audio in the background is this a possible bug? I have downloaded previous files to see if those work, but I get the same issue for both old files and current/new files. Is there anything you may know of that could potentially help me?

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inn02g - - 1 comments

How to add new mod(Lightsabers From The Old Republic) on MD. THX

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Guest - - 692,158 comments

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Guest - - 692,158 comments

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Guest - - 692,158 comments

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