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Time to release another update, the number 229. It adds several fixes and many improves. Even some unit additions. The most important fixes are the Grand Campaign map from Coruscant in the Dark Empire era where the ground battle had a CTD when you reached the top-right part of the screen. I hope so that it is fixed now.

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This is a video showing that mission.

This is not the unique mission improved from the Campaign. I have improved the balance in the Imperial Bilbringi mission from the Trilogy of the New Republic era. As you can watch at this video, now it is easier with some different Rebel units.

There are several other good improves, most of them from skirmiss with new stations builded in new pads, these new pads are found only in the customized skirmiss sp maps. At the same time, I have changed what is builded in the main starbases and I have moved all the updates to the new XQ3 builded in the pads. There are not starships building other units, all the units are builded in the stations. About graphics or cosmetic improves. There are better muzzle effects from space weapons and several new units add turrets in all their laser/ion weapons. There are several with this improve. More ships will be improved as these in the future. Performance issues? well, I have improved significantly the space combat performance. It comes with a reduce in the amount of weapons whicht they can damage more of one hardpoint, many of them from abilities and other weapons as the blast produce less damage. About the new units added. Only the Supercruiser and the Maelstorm. Nothing more by the moment. I have showed them before. Gideon and the Command Arquitens will be added in the future, the same with other additions.

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