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Don't believe everything you read on the internet, for Star Trek: RPG-X is still very much in development.

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If you are new to the game, The Last Outpost gives you two ways to get started!

Available for download here on ModDB is our Standard Edition installer. This is the smallest installer available - giving you access to the base content to get started and familiarize yourself with RPG-X. This doesn't, however, contain all the user-created content (maps, models, music packs) which our Ultimate Edition includes.

Ultimate Edition is the most comprehensive standalone installer ever released for RPG-X, designed and distributed by The Last Outpost. RPG-XUE contains the latest RPG-X client, as well as virtually every mod and file dependency a new user could possibly need. It’s a hefty download at 4.28 GB, but if you’re just getting into RPG-X, this is the most convenient package you can get!

Just to be clear - this is a full, standalone release. You DO NOT need Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force to download and play!

Patch Notes - Version 1.5

• This patch applies to both Ultimate and Standard Edition.

• Engine has been upgraded to The Last Outpost's custom fork of RPG-X 2.3.4B.
• The modified source code is available here.
• This is still backwards compatible with servers based on unmodified RPG-X 2.3.4B.

• An experimental x86 Windows dedicated server client is now included with all installs.
• Linux CentOS x86_64 server binaries are available separately here.
• Port 27016 should be forwarded for TCP and UDP in order to host a server.

• Shortcut target line parameters are no longer required to launch the game properly.
+set fs_game RPG-X2 +set vm_game 0 +set vm_game 0 +set vm_ui 0 are enabled by default.
• Users may need to remove this string from existing shortcuts in order to avoid unintended game behavior.

• The player model list is now cached after initial load for the duration of the active session.

r_primitives is now set to 2 by default in autoexec.cfg.
• This fixes performance problems on maps with improper render culling and/or complex brush geometry.
• Previous fixes requiring the .exe file to be renamed to fix performance issues are no longer required.

The Last Outpost, with support from the original developers, continues the work of Ubergames to develop Star Trek: RPG-X to give new and old players the best experience possible. We are delighted that new content is STILL being created and released for the game after all these years and I have also heard a rumor that there is a Linux version on the horizon...

Visit for more information!

Stay tuned - and happy roleplaying!


Despite your claim of "don't believe anything you read on the internet", I tend to believe that this mod is dead since I cannot find any information about its progress and new material *anywhere*. Just this "claim" that it is still in development and nothing more.

"He's dead, Jim"

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It's sad that it had to come to this. From a pretty active developed mod (both in-house and third-party) to a graveyard in pretty much less then a year. This is unfortunately what happens when one man's ego must be larger then life itself and the primary reason why I never released the source code of my Update Mod, something Scooter would have been thrilled to see it happen.

There is no "I" in "us", "we" and "team" but especially TiM and what remains of the RPG-X community still believe to this day there is. With everything that has happened, I say that The Last Outpost fully supports and endorses everything Apprentice has tried to combat and that is not how a community should function, despite any personal feelings against Apprentice but unfortunately it no longer matters what is being said but who is saying it.

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