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After scrutinizing some of the communities bug reports and observations here's a summary of our findings and what you can expect in the next patch.

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Hi everyone! to start with, I'd like to thank you all for the vast amount of feedback, bug reports and suggestions you've sent us. It's a real pleasure to see that you're just as passionate as we are about the mod!

Our first order of duty here is CaptainShack's new Let's Play video. Episode three of his current let's play as the Klingon Empire is ready to view. Check it out!

On to the next order of business. Bug fixing and user feedback.
The community has done a great job of coming to our aid in spotting problems and suggesting fixes or re balances that will make the game a better, more complete experience. I'm not going to include them all here, as you'd get bored long before I'd finished. What I will do however, is summarize some of the key issues that we'll have fixed for the next update. Here goes!

The Borg.
Many of the community feel that the Borg are somewhat overpowered. We're addressing this by swapping the Borg Cube, and the Trapezoid as the initial Capital ship. We've also nerfed the Trapezoid slightly to conform with our Ideas about early game Borg, and their comparative weakness. You'll find, however, that the Borg will remain just as powerful in late game and will still be a terrifying presence to behold.
The Klingon Empire. Users have noted that due to their limited firing arcs, and the resulting time between firing solutions during combat weakens the Klingons when compared to the other races. We've attempted to rectify this by giving them a damage boost across the board.
Klingon AI. With some of the changes implemented the Klingon AI seems to have largely come out of its stupor, bit it's still not perfect. Would recommend playing the Klingons on a harder difficulty setting to ensure that you don't get that particular bug.
Various issues and bug fixes. These include, but by no means are limited to: A fix for the Federation Outpost station, range was too large, upgrades weren't working as intended and one tier in fact weakened the station. Diplomacy fix: One diplomacy section was calling on the wrong race when allied, leading to incorrect unlocks. Logistics slot errors: Most notably for the Borg, some stations had the incorrect logistics slot cost. Ship costs: Most notably the Defiant took too many ship slots to build, it was however tested individually against corresponding vessels from other races and we can categorically tell you it isn't under powered regardless of the stats.

Non-bug updates.
Lots of new tool tip information giving you a better idea of what ship class you're choosing for all races.
A start on the new research icons that we'll be using in game. These will likely be limited to the Federation in the next patch.
Abilities. I'll try to have more ship abilities in game, particularly some Hero vessel ones for the patch.

There's likely more, but I think I've taken enough of your time on that.

Fantastic new additions to the team!
Since first release as well as the fantastic community support we've received (nearly 12,000 downloads, HOT DAMN!). Several new team members have come on board and offered their expertise to us. We're extremely grateful to them and would like the community to extend a warm welcome to them too.

Phoenix: An excellent modeler and general upstanding modder!
Chris Knight: Another top quality modeler we're grateful to have
Bane: Fantastic coder with an insane work rate. He's working on many of our tool-tips.
Stobei117 : Play tester and Ideas man. He tells me what's broken.

That's it from me for now. Thanks for reading!

ArmageddonEvil - - 250 comments

Keep up the good work STA3: Dominion War! (Modding Team) Since that is the time frame of this mod, so more or less DS9.

Good idea, it was quite annoying to have to get like 4 or 5 Military Research Stations for the Borg to get their 'Colonize' Capital Ship. When the colonize cap ship is unlocked sooner for the other factions. But I do like the mod incredibly much. And yeah, I have to agree about the Assimilation Borg Cube is a little bit OP at early game, though I do like how much "Ship" Cap it is required to build it.

Funnily enough that could be your name of the Cards/Dominion Patch's name. lol

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Unikraken - - 3,221 comments

12K downloads? Jelly.

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rex44x - - 210 comments

One thing i noticed, that the hero voice overs for he federation seem abit...plain. there's no emotion or expression in there voices, i wonder if more voice over from TNG, DS9, Voyager could be added to correct this. Since right now, the heros doesnt seem heroic. As for hero abilitys suggestions.

1. Picard [ Photon, Quantum Torpedoes, Full spread! ] gives considerable boost to all torpedo damage and rate of fire for 15 secs.

2. Sisko [ Attack fighter support ] Let sisko spawn a wing of attack fighters to aid him in battle.

3. Janeway: [ Borg Enhancements ] Janeways ships gets boosted stats thanks to 7 of 9's assistance in upgrading the ships systems.

4. Sisko [ Make every shot count. ] Defiant gets a damage boost thats to pin point targetting by mister worf at tactical.

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23-down - - 3,583 comments

Good to read this news however are there any news to report regarding the constant game crashes people experience. Just 1 day ago I finally bought the 2 dlcs in order to enjoy your full mod and since that it's crashing a lot more often than before. Maybe some script error of some sort of your mod dlc content that's responsible for it?

Although all I get are runtime errors. If requested I can test it in dev mod hopefully providing a more accurate crash.log.
win7 ultimate 64bit 8gig ram quad core 3.4ghz just in case you're wondering.

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Gul-Dukat(tech) Author
Gul-Dukat(tech) - - 1,810 comments

LAA? And graphics settings in game? Highest is inadvisable.

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forgottenliquid - - 19 comments

does anyone else feel that the defiant class is a bit weak? I mean its the only federation ship that was actually built for warfare and was in constant threat of damaging itself when firing but it doesn't really seem to do much damage ingame.

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captinvader - - 10 comments

will we be seeing any knew weapons for any of the sides or knew ships or are you still thinking what to add next

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XtremeRoflcopter - - 955 comments

I have one more thing I think is a bit of a common issue. The U.I whenever you hover over a new selection... the volume of the BEEP is TOO DAMN HIGH... at least in my opinion and those I've played the mod with.

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23-down - - 3,583 comments

Bug report: I just noticed that the map Federation space (3 player map) seems bugged. I've researched everything while playing against 2 cruel fed & KDF ai opponents so far they never attacked me after like 45 minutes of gameplay. I thought that this is cool they must battle one another unfortunately the reason became obviously real quick once I tried myself to invade them with a maxed out fleet and everything researched.

Your ships can't leave your own star system. Ships trying to warp out are facing the sun instead of the warp out direction which would lay 180 the opposite direction. Judging by my observations as a romulan player neither could the ai fleets. They never left their systems too the only ships flying around were Freighters within their own specific systems.

Conclusion: the Gravity well was to small chosen within the Editor. Ships can't navigate it without colliding with the sun. Aren't you play testing your maps ? ^^

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XtremeRoflcopter - - 955 comments

As a map maker in my spare time I can tell you that the issue is that the Radius' for the Grav wells and the Warp exit radius' need to be increased for each individual planet and star. This is probably the most tedious part of map making so its understandable that at some point, one of the mapmakers may have overlooked the radius.

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Bane(Dev) - - 612 comments

Thanks for the report we will investigate...

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23-down - - 3,583 comments

Ya no problem I understand that used to be a mapper myself in the past. Stuff like that happens and no worries you did an epic job so far. :) Happy new year to you all. :)

Regarding the issue: It works fine when you split your fleet into many smaller squadrons however the AI is unable to do so. So the Grav well still needs to get extended on all 3 star systems. :)

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Guest - - 696,646 comments

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Guest - - 696,646 comments

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Guest - - 696,646 comments

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sirrichardwinstonthe - - 1 comments

New to Sins-trekmod. When researching as the romulans sometimes it says Klingons.. don't know if this has been addressed.. or if i'm in the right comment tree.. also is there a full on map overview instead of just the epic conflict commentary description.. like a fan site?

love the mod, never would have played sins.. umm should have been cardi instead of borg first off.. but still great.

thanks all.

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