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I thought that we have been knocking vainly at all the doors, but we did not really introduce ourselves.

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Hello everybody!
I thought that we have been knocking vainly at all the doors, but we did not really introduce ourselves.
I'll start, perhaps, with our artist Dmitriy Leonovich, because he's the person who invented Star Souls (by the way, you can see some cool works in his portfolio - here are the most outstanding works, - there are more projects). Until February 2017 he lived his quiet life: drew for pleasure and to earn for a living, instructed students in the training center Polygon, but one day Dmitriy woke up with an idea "Let's work out a game!". For a whole week he was trying hard to give birth to a gameplay, a plot, some features, he slept badly, ate badly, and then he poured everything onto paper. It was a large document under the name "Dying Space". Later on we refused this name – we found a book with the same title, and it seemed very pessimistic, so the game was finally called Star Souls.
Anyway, the game cannot be made with the efforts of only one artist. So we turned to Kirill Grushevich for help. He is a Unity-developer and a real game-making guru. Now Kirill is busy with his own project Outback Defender, but he also found some time to work out the code of Star Souls game. For me it’s a real mystery how he manages to combine all this: load students with knowledge in Polygon, follow his own projects and help with Star Souls. We are extremely grateful to Kirill and his two talented students Artur Malaha and Dmitriy Kharko who made a playable prototype in the shortest time possible.
It seems that there is a very little step left – to shoot a small video about the game Star Souls and present it to the public for fair criticism and sweet flattery! However, as it turned out, the time of silent cinema has long since passed) The text for the video had to be beautifully written and some good and original Music as well. The magical female voice in the background belongs to the vocalist and speaker Marina Seregon, and the music for the video was written by a promising Belarusian composer Anton Orsher
As far as I am concerned, my mission is to write messages and speeches, invent quests and plan the plot of the game. We would also like to thank Jane Poludzen for all the translation, which is a huge piece of work.
Guys, for us these few months have been very intense, and the result of all the efforts was the presentation of Star Souls on Steam Greenlight
In the future I'll probably write a memoir "How we went to Greenlight and what happened", and will tell the kids in virtual reality helmets / on the orbital station / under the radioactive rain a story about the gamedev in good old times.
But, as they say, it will be a completely different story.

Karolina Leonovich

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