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I have released what is most likely the last version of this mod. I hope you all enjoy it.

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orb of annihilation on autocast, fix description
necrolyte/inquisitor adept does not need same structure req.
Can retrain kodo and Purifier
make trigger to animate taverns a "pick every unit in group"
Teleport doesnt take mechanical, reduce cast time to 5 seconds
Dark summoning needs higher cast time, 3 secponds
Make ability lists for all units in description match order in unit
Archer/Axe Thrower armor decreased to 5 and 6
Healing now heals for 150 health
Brilliance Aura should tell bonus in description
Archer/Axe Thrower magic immune ability descriptions made more clear
All armor and weapon generic upgrades display bonus for each affected units
Archer attack range increase by how much %?
soul sentry no longer works on buildings or mechanical units
specify ogre is alive for ogre replace - stops graphical glitch
Necrolyte armor reduced to unarmored
Catapult secondary attack removed
Catapult and Ballista range increased by 150
Orc Barracks hit points increased to 1400 and Human Barracks decreased to 1300
Cost of melee upgrades increased significantly
Purifier no longer harms friendly/player owned units
Sappers/Demolition Squad now available at tier 1 and cost 30 gold less
Player 5 and 7 defeat messages now correct
Air units selection circle "on water" set to default, False
For non-AI players you will now get one secondary worker in your starting units
keep/castle upgrades need more specific descritpions
Naval towers damage to ships increased by 100 and damage type changed to normal
Add all research done mode
Remove Boiler model and use revivealtar/icon
Furion mana drain reduced from -3 to -2 per second
Quench of life drain set to 5 HP per second from 30
Added 10 seconds to voting period
Reclaim now returns 60% of lumber as well
replaced technician missle with a sawblade model
Update Berserker model
Kodo now has a ranged attack from the hut
Honor Bound has new icon
Reclaim has new icon
Magnate, Astral Mage, Deadeye, Sea Turtle have new model/icon
Incendiary Bombs has new bomber model
Sentinel has new icon
Chomp removed from Sea turtle, changed to ranged unit, damage base increased to 40, lumber cost increased by 20, armor type changed to metal, attack type normal
Gnomish Submarine attack type changed to normal, hp reduced to 725
Lingering Glory has new icon
Archer/Axe Thrower show upgrades as passive abilities
Troll Destroyer/Elven Destroyer/Orc Transport have new icons
Shadow Mistress has new model/icon
Removed Crypt Lord and Myrmidon Guard at Haven
Added Lightning Mage at Haven
Replaced Haste with Frost on Death Knight
Demolish has new icon
Added War Barge and Dirigible
Salvation Spire no longer restricted to 1 and significantly cheaper
Faerie Dragon now requires Salvation Spire
Recalled units now Hold by default
Added medium and high resources modes
Haven has new model
Marketplace now sells a list of items geared more towards the post worldtree lore
Replaced Scortched Earth with Nullify on Death Knight
Gave Dark Summoning to Death Knight
Altar of Teron now requires Necrolyte Adept Training and Grasp does not
Removed Cloud from Inquisitor
Death and Decay has new icon
Horde Mentality now displays damage bonus above target when attacking units are below 50% of max health
Disruption replaced with Corruption on Necrolyte
Phoenix Rise replaced with Arcane Protection on Resurrection Wagon
Updated AI to include new units in build and attack ques
Healing now an auto-cast ability and is active by default after Healing research
Drarven Rifleman replaced Bowmaster
Astral Mage has new model
New neutral hero: Magmalord, reworked Firelord
Berserk replaced Cannibalism on Grunt, requires Beserk Rage upgrade
Nom Mana replaces Polymorph on Mage
Archer no longer has Hide
Added Arcane Laboratory for Ressurection Wagon and Purifier as well as Battle Assistance upgrade for Archers and Swordsmen
Added Hollow for Durnholde Warrior and Dominion Kodo as well as Blood Gorge upgrade for Axe Throwers
AI now trains magic air and assault air at tier 2
removed green blight effect
Brazier now produces corpses
Salvation Spire now has Replenish Mana and Life
Runes now costs 145 mana and only damages enemies
Illusive Strike replaced by Aura of Fright
Cleanse costs 100 mana
Dragon has new skin
Horde Mentality now displays whole numbers
Submerged Sub can no longer move underwater, but has a 18 hp damage shield
Supremacy Bonus no longer gives a level to Ogres when upgraded to Ogre Magi
Added Agitant and Myrmidon Survivor hero at tavern
Hall uprades now cost 600 and 935 gold
defeat message no longer plays at start of game for observers
Healing Spray no longer heals enemy units
Spirit Link replaces Void
Fixed Negate Time buff
Removed large portions of custom scripts dealing with damage detection and a conflicting version of CSCache to address fatal errors
Removed custom scripted AI for standard AI Editor AI to address fatal errors
AI now makes use of all custom spells via triggered scenarios
Bloodlust attack speed bonus increased to 60% from 40%, cooldown inceased to 8 seconds from 16
Super units no longer restricted to one unit per game
Ogre Magi cost lowered to 280
Dual Adaptation damage decreased to 45, silence decreased to 2 seconds, mana cost increased to 95, and cooldown increased to 15 seconds
Cleaving Sowrd damager reduced to 5% from 15%
Animal War Training description now correctly says 125
Time Stop replaced by Starfall on Astral Mage
Spells now correclty assign credit for kills
All weapon, armor, and spell upgrade research time doubled

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