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We've included all the last news and described them with the main details. We hope you'll enjoy the main features we're working on as they take a lot of time to be done properly.

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Good evening, stalkers. In today’s large post, we’re going to tell you all about our new basic technical implementations and about the progress regarding the scenario and sound.
- A new weapon attachment system, it's much easier to use and doens't have presets as the old version: now you have full customization.
- With our transfer to the x64 platform we’ve solved many problems. We’re fixing the minor bugs and conflicts quickly, so the result is very satisfying.
- The physical engine has no more limitations. When it comes to location size, in the original, the map size couldn’t go past 1024x during the loading as it was causing a temporary cut-off.
- We’ve reworked the collision loading system, since it was causing problems due to the massive size. Now there’s no need to load it every time – once is enough. This uses more of the HD’s resources, but the memory needed for loading is now lowered from 6 to 2GB.
- A new quest system allows us to create dynamic quests for both solo-players and people who prefer to play with their friends.

A couple new things:
- You can see the stalkers from your team on your PDA
- You can put weapons on your back, and you may also see the items filling up your current slots
- A more convenient system for marking stashes
We’ve begun working on a more advanced system of synchronization, which will read the player’s position on the map, as well as the speed of his connection. Apart from fixing some minor glitches after having transferred to an x64 system, we’re working on making groups function properly and improving the loading speed (important because of the world dimension).

In other news, we’re still working on custom audio files. Here are some minor details regarding that:
- New atmospheric menu tracks
- A high-quality ambient layer for every location
- More than half of the planned sound effects are ready for in-game use
- More than 60 tracks and more than 600 unique SFX
Right now, we’re focusing on the scenario, adding various quests, dialogues, notes and many other details which will enhance the atmosphere and make the world of the we all know and love more dynamic and interesting than ever!

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Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

Splendid news post!

Will we at one moment in time have the chance to set up our own bases? Faction wars even? I'm sure that with roleplay its easy to do, but what if NPC can be used, too?

Looking forward to more news!

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

The factions will have bases (customizable - we plan to make players able to work: moving objects and defences, weapons and barricades) while groups of loners can have their territory and their camps, but nothing bigger. Faction wars will be one of the main dynamic events in the zone, it's part of the atmosphere.

NPC will follow the players with some new logic systems and may cover you (snipers).

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Snashky_Nilidus - - 337 comments

sounds awesome

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Guest - - 688,739 comments

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Georg_Ravioli - - 589 comments

This is awesome, I'm assuming by "new attachment system" you're referring to Shoker's? Their attachment system is insane, scopes, handguards, stocks, muzzle brakes, everything!

I hope the English translation is coming along alright, perhaps you could do like OGSE has done and ask the community for help.

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

We're trying to maintain full localization, right now we have 80% of the content on English. We're working with Shoker, but our system is different, it's imported a little and more practical.

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Guest - - 688,739 comments

so will it be for example possible to remove the buttstock for a lighter weapon, or change to a sniper buttstock for more accuracy but less handling?

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

We're planning to make this possible as it's an interesting way of combinating details from different weapons. An old and rusty title may come useful sometimes.

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HeinrichBhaal - - 125 comments

Do you can chat with other players about the pda?
I mean, communication is very importend in a Multiplayer game.

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

Yes, we're planning a voice chat as well.

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Obergun - - 196 comments

When Beta?)))

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

As soon as it will be interesting to play for a few months. We have nowna living map, we need to finish the details. We'll post frequent patches and updates.

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Evilpizzaroll - - 1 comments

Will there be vehicles or fast travel? Traveling across a huge map to turn in quests can get pretty annoying.

Also what are are some of quest types we can expect to see in game?

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

If you are in a camp, you can get to another one of the same or allied faction.

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TrustFundKid - - 80 comments

Amen brothers

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Nicolay. - - 1 comments

where is the download button ?

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clarky1503 - - 4 comments

Pls Lord if there is one let this become a reality, it will blow every other survival game out the water. S.T.A.L.K.E.R is already the best anyway but with multiplayer it will become a different beast. Good luck with the job @ hand I would love to make videos on this bad boy.

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