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Patch 17 to 19 for Stalker OLR (build 1935) 2.5 available! English translation update also available. Originally created by Macron and hi_flyer.

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The latest known patch for Stalker ORL 2.5 (while waiting for ORL 3.0, maybe...).
It provides lots of new graphical and sound effects and many bug fixes (full list below).
Gathered on StlakerFrance Archives (gathered on a russian site).

Important informations

This patch NEEDS Stalker OLR 2.5 + fixx17 (or above).
English translation update also available (v0.9.5) for this patch (previous patches NOT compatible).

Please read instructions on each file page.

Download links

Full base version with fixx17:
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Oblivion Lost Remake 2.5.17 Part 1
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Oblivion Lost Remake 2.5.17 Part 2

Latest patch:
Stalker OLR 2.5 Patch fixx17 to 19

Latest english translation (NEEDED for fixx19, previous versions NOT compatible):
Stalker OLR 2.5 English translation v0.9.5

Major changes since Fixx17

  • New graphical effects: SSAO, motion blur, depth of field, soft water, soft particles, rainbows, sunrays, dust, new shaders...
  • New sound effect: binaural sound, HRTF...
  • Many bug fixes (tasks, dialogs...)
  • Game rebalance



Full list of changes (since Fix 17)

Added: new stalker group dolgovtsev at Bar
Added: new dialog searching for Kalash at Cordon (Escape)
Changed: better Witcher health
Changed: zombies
Changed: disintegrator artefact description
Changed: ladder on Rostok reservoir tank
Changed: Toad keyboard
Changed: rats attack range
Changed: Cordon(Escape) limits
Changed: helicopters sound
Fixed: critical bug at Elbe-radar
Fixed: Toad hands animations
Fixed: bad brother in dark valley always come
Fixed: dialog texts

Fix 18.9
Added: car stereo
Added: Radio Hills in the Hills
Changed: new water effects
Changed: bushes slow down
Changed: BTR refactoring, headlight, exhaust and firepoint editing
Changed: hanging hen on Yantar
Changed: voice of motors Henov on Yantar
Changed: green dwarf steps and attacks
Changed: reduced rat damage
Changed: scaling bar terrane
Changed: weight of frets
Changed: frets offset vertically during level changing / loading
Fixed: hom Hills
Fixed: finalized slug voice
Fixed: invisible walls on Yantar

Fix 18.8
Changed: zombies, adding animations
Changed: shells
Changed: remnants of the evil brother in Pripyat
Changed: marks on minimap svobodovets in MG
Changed: overlay icons scale for protective overalls
Changed: updated hom Hills and Stations
Changed: gasoline refueling process
Changed: cars immunities
Changed: groupings in scripts and Phobos group
Changed: anti-zombies in MG
Changed: firepoint for folded sig550 and g36
Fixed: potentially problematic monolith models
Fixed: headlights in static lighting
Fixed: hands position on the steering wheel in KAMAZ
Fixed: crouch shadow from first person view in static lighting
Changed: increased range of dynamic shadows in static lighting
Changed: improved effects of hog's steps
Fixed: missile weight for MANPADS
Fixed: npc sounds
Changed : Ferret voice
Fixed: voiced dialogues transferts to the engine
Fixed: random invisibility on the screen saver with the Doctor
Changed: cars vulnerabilities
Fixed: flashlight / binoculars in cars
Fixed: inventory freeze in cars from 18.7
Fixed: dialogue in the quest with newcomers to the Valley
Fixed: dialogue in the quest with Kalash on Cordon
Changed: readme_olr.txt refactoring
Fixed: minor text edits

Fix 18.7
Added: item for displaying news has been added to the configurator
Changed: Pripyat / Pripyat transitions optimized for cars
Changed: Cordon-Dump transitions optimized for cars
Changed: Bar / Bar transitions optimized for cars
Changed: straightening rafica
Changed: effects of steps and burer speed
Changed: effects of steps, speed and attack of the yellow dwarf
Changed: effects of steps and speed for both types of pseudogiant
Changed: Witcher runs in the first quest
Changed: doublet sound
Changed: description of the disintegrator artifact
Changed: title of the document from X18
Fixed: some messages
Fixed: fires in Pripyat
Fixed: evil brother in Pripyat
Fixed: lamp turn off in the car
Fixed: appearance of binoculars when changing levels in the car
Fixed: glow of antennas on the generators on r1
Fixed: anti-bend and shine on r2 amber android
Fixed: potential brakes in lab X10
Fixed: random skip saver when visiting Rostock through the tunnel
Fixed: minor text edits
Fixed: potential freezes in dialogue with the Professor

Fix 18.6
Added: Expanded news menu in configurator
Added: protection against idiots not reading instructions
Changed: transitions names
Changed: Updated readme_olr.txt
Changed: Updated xrGameSpy.dll
Fixed: minor text edits

Fix 18.5
Added: reset point to configurator for FULLHD
Changed: he becomes himself at the end ???
Changed: flattening of icons in inventory at 16: 9
Changed: reduced icon size when searching 4: 3
Changed: drawing icons when trading in 4: 3
Changed: fire in front of the base in the Hills
Changed: raised two boards from under the level in the village of bloodsuckers
Fixed: double spawn stairs to the basement in the village of bloodsuckers
Fixed: damage through the walls from the anomaly "rusty hair" in the village of bloodsuckers

Fix 18.4
Added: "Foggy horizon" in advanced video options (r2 or r2a)
Changed: increased weight for wheel pair
Changed: sighting from svd and svu
Changed: minor sleep menu options
Changed: icon protective overalls
Fixed: removed duplicate tags of dialogs in the bar
Fixed: r2a gloss correction
Fixed: correcting the fog brightness on r2
Fixed: "Rusty Hair" invisible on statics fixed in a tunnel on the Garbage (a new game is needed)

Fix 18.3
Added: possibility to skip esc screensavers
Changed: Replaced day weather on Radar
Changed: Updated bump for yellow cabs, cab, piece of iron (r2 or r2a)
Changed: enhanced effects of flesh steps
Changed: dialogue with the Professor
Changed: dialogue with brother Zyablikov
Changed: minor edits of homa for the Chernobyl NPP and MG
Changed: speed of shadows of clouds before and after rain (r2)
Changed: icon artifactmerger and protective overalls
Changed: some recommendations
Fixed: 6 invisible on the statics anomalies on the MedPribor

Fix 18.2
Added: extended point of rain in configurator
Added: "Clear bump" item (r2 or r2a) in advanced video options
Changed: fires on the Cordon and Bar
Changed: bonfire in the tunnel in the Hills
Changed: effects of steps of a pseudo giant, pig, bloodsucker are strengthened
Changed: finalized configurator
Changed: rain and morning weather
Changed: bedtime
Changed: shine of the yellow car at r2
Changed: overlay crook during search in 16: 9
Changed: skycube 19
Changed: improved "Build-up exposure (r2 2003)"
Fixed: wear of some trunks
Fixed: fleeing professor on Yantar
Fixed: damage through the roof of the anomaly "rusty hair" on Yantar

Fix 18.1
Added: "Rays" and related settings (r2 or r2a) in advanced video options
Added: effects of creeping steps
Changed: item "Build-up illumination (r2 2003)" (r2 or r2a) moved to advanced video options
Changed: minor edits of the world
Changed: minor text
Changed: icon protective overalls
Changed: pulses from kinks
Changed: included damage from kink attack by hook from below

Fix 18
Added: kink phantom
Added: Build water in configurator for "Swamp" level (only for static lighting)
Changed: chimera steps effects enhanced
Changed: tuned chimera sounds
Changed: updated curve model faces gg in green overalls
Changed: updated phantoms visuals
Fixed: negative balance of yy with the impossibility of trading
Fixed: glitches of scales in inventory with ultra-low graphics settings
Fixed: invisible on statics corpses in the swamp

Fix 17.9
Added: enhanced rain in configurator
Added: disconnected buggy psi ripple effect
Added: quick quest with Digger
Changed: dialogue with Digger
Changed: psi health recovery accelerated
Changed: Restoration of all items in advanced video options in the mode "dynamic lighting of objects" (r2a)
Changed: improved operation of the buttons in the menu save / load / options
Changed: optimized save menu
Changed: Rostock can now be walked at any time, as with quests, and without
Changed: Rostock's screensaver is updated
Fixed: anti-flaw to strong bloodsuckers
Fixed: anti-scuba diving in the yard
Fixed: minor text edits
Fixed: edit the ladder to the tank on Rostock
Fixed: in the Light Beam, quest characters no longer run away

Fix 17.8
Added: Depth Of Field (r2 or r2a) in advanced video options
Added: Motion blur in advanced video options (r2 or r2a)
Added: helicopters on a bog finished
Added: projectors configured in Darklab and Pripyat
Changed: Niva in the swamp has been improved
Changed: burning fluff under the tree in the swamp
Changed: restored tips and sound switch on the swamp
Changed: horizon transparency shaders / SSAO (r2 or r2a)
Fixed: appearance of npc in the basement of Rostock before taking the quest
Fixed: homa in Bar

Fix 17.7
Added: SSAO iin advanced video options (r2 or r2a)
Added: Rainbows in advanced video options (r2 or r2a)
Changed: reduced the number of blood suckers on MedPribor
Changed: increased vitality to the merchant and leader of Freedom in the MG
Changed: increased the vitality of Phil on the dump
Changed: Phil points
Changed: game options
Changed: sounds and music in the bar
Fixed: anomaly hit through the floor in the transition between the cases of the MedPribor

Fix 17.6
Changed: increased vitality Ferret
Changed: dialogue before running errands with the Witcher
Changed: dialogue with zombie in the swamp
Changed: dialogue with the zombie in the Light Ray
Changed: reduced zombie whisper radius
Changed: transition to the Cordon switched
Changed: minor optimizations for artifact caching
Changed: minor icon edits
Changed: minor edits of the Darclab screensaver
Changed: minor text edits
Fixed: expletives in the log for increased r1_dlights_clip when playing on r2
Fixed: stairs in Bar, Rostock, Swamp
Fixed: stairs in the mine at Yantar and Darkklab
Fixed: stairs on the Cordon, Dump, Medpribor, MG, Valley
Fixed: stairs from the reactor
Fixed: invisibility of the "donut" and "glass donut" on r2

Fix 17.5
Changed: icons and textures of the glass donut
Changed: reduced number of flesh and dogs at Chernobyl NPP
Fixed: a possible plug in the lab at Valley

Fix 17.4
Added: a pair of greetings to the bartender
Added: output of random news can be disabled through the configurator
Changed: radius sounds Speckled
Changed: adaptation of the main task text
Changed: quest dialogs with the controller on the Cordon
Changed: it is easier to climb into the attics (low crouching + jumping forward)
Fixed: the disappearance of cigarettes in a smoker in a bar (need a new game)

Fix 17.3
Changed: price of "Transparent Ball"
Changed: minor text edits
Fixed: F7 quickload under win7
Fixed: rewrite of quicksave by F6 on win7
Fixed: map label on ferret

Fix 17.2
Added: bar track
Changed: armor piercing poltergeist
Changed: minor text edits
Fixed: dialogue with Denis
Fixed: hit body in a nonexistent head

Fix 17.1
Added: call at Monolith
Added: primitive voice Benito
Changed: text of the quests Doctor
Changed: Swamp sound zones
Changed: clicks when walking on the ground
Changed: clicks from a knife with metal, asphalt, wood
Fixed: minor grammar mistakes

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