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STALKER Lost Alpha: Revisited is released.........

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STALKER Lost Alpha: Revisited is released!

Go get it here:

Thanks to Stachelhaut for his updated Veles face texture, it looks amazing!

Thanks to Stachelhaut and zlostnypopolnik for testing and feedback of the Duty quest fork

With this release I am officially retiring from STALKER modding including LA. It has been a fun 14 years or so! As mentioned in my previous article, I will still continue to monitor this page and answer any questions though.

Good hunting stalkers!


TaxAkla - - 187 comments

Thank you very much.

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zoust - - 355 comments


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J00B - - 1,117 comments

Thanks for your service LiquidBronze, see you in the Zone.

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PRinceBhai - - 500 comments

Thank you for your Duty S.T.A.L.K.E.R.!

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AbracaMacabra - - 70 comments

Thanks for everything, and good luck

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JjForcebreaker - - 904 comments

Amazing work, you should get a medal for all that. Thank you very much.
I'll be happy to return to the Zone and check what's new.

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milosv - - 267 comments

Thank you for everything brother, you made a hard life easier to bear.

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ghostmid31 - - 24 comments

I don't know dude, I'm really sad. Lost Alpha was the project in my life that gave a piece of what was lost, it was more than a game. The sensations that this 2014 mod gives are not comparable to any other game. This music is still playing in my head. Thank you to all your team for the long hard work, I am very sad that this mod did not become a full-fledged addon, it was always worthy of more. It's a pity that everything you tried to do was lost in DC.

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LiquidBronze Author
LiquidBronze - - 1,062 comments


LAR is a full-fledged addon. I am not sure I understand what you are trying to convey though I guess, but thank you?

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RandalMcdaniel - - 83 comments

I am inspired, i am truly convinced this is the best singleplayer game in existence at the moment. We need to get this game its own steam page or something so the world can see how good it is. This would go viral like people making tiktoks about it every day for a month.. Thats how good it is. Way better than red dead redemption2, way better than dying light 2, and makes metro exodus look like it was made by 9yr olds. I doubt stalker2 will have 10% of the content this game contains.

Like all the best games in history, this game is a freak of nature. The pinnacle of originality

Every single texture is so beautiful that it doesnt even seem like an old game engine, these are more than textures these are like textures and a half

Its funny how this game looks better than newer games, and its only 6gb.. Nuts that AAA games today are 100+gb and have smaller gameworlds and worse graphics and way less content

im playing on 12700k + gtx1080 + NVME and i get like 400fps with vsync disabled. incredible.

Also i dragged the sliders of "detailed geometry" "view distance" "geometry discard radius" all the way to the lowest just to tweak my view ranges.. And i seriously cant make the game look bad even if i tried (but i did get a tremendous fps boost). The ground texture is so masterful that it doesnt even require grass honestly. So high quality its insane to me

i havent crashed in days after reducing those video settings, I suspect the "soft water" is what causes crashing (like my last gaming pc i stopped crashing altogether after disabling soft water)

insane job on this game, the finest singleplayer experience a gamer could ever go on

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RandalMcdaniel - - 83 comments

BRUH epic discovery, liquidbronze you there? You HAVE GOT to try LAR with specialK tool. it becomes the smoothest game i ever played in my entire life. Ive just been sitting for the last 20 minutes just slowly rotating the camera because its so smooth now. It transforms the game into a silky smooth rendering. And the controls are very responsive as if i had vsync off

I gotta be dreaming, if i saw this in real life id think someone ported lost alpha to unrealengine5 or something, because it feels so polished and smooth now

Turn vsync off everywhere first, then in the specialK app, go to the monitor tab at the top, and force specialK process to start. Now add the xray.exe or whatever its called to the list of games (you can right click any game and select ADD NEW GAME)

once in game press ctrl+shift+backspace to open the specialK control panel.

At the top click window and force vsync ON (it has to be in windowed mode to see the VSYNC option). Then change it to FULLSCREEN MODE. and also enable fps cap 60.000 for the most stable and lowest frame latency imaginable.

You will know immediately when you have it working

smooth stalker!!! hahah, pinch me im dreaming. The only times i ever experience a stutter now is when radiochatter pops up or getting the "nothing aquired" message after carving up a pseudodog

im obsessed with this game like ive never been obsessed with a game before. This is literally a AAAA game

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LiquidBronze Author
LiquidBronze - - 1,062 comments

I never tried it. Someone else mentioned that as well before, but have not looked to much into it, I forgot about it actually!

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RandalMcdaniel - - 83 comments

bro i will pay you like 5 bux to try it right now, you will never launch stalker without it ever again. Smooth stalker is mezmerizing

Also im at lake yantar right this second underground. This is so clearly the best singleplayer experience ever made its not even funny

seriously what other game has as many features and as much content as this game? Not even mmorpgs do..if AAA companies made a game like this today they would want $800 for it lol

im making videos trying to get it viral lol

i apologize if any of the info about the game is incorrect, im overly excited about this game

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LiquidBronze Author
LiquidBronze - - 1,062 comments

I am glad you are enjoying it and appreciate the amount of content in it! It really does have more than most people think, but if you take your time and explore around, there is so much. There are probably quests you will miss first time around.

Kudos to all the past devs for LA as well, which allowed me to continue on.

P.S. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm in your videos as well!!

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RandalMcdaniel - - 83 comments

lol i dont think even YOU know how good this game is (sarcasm), if a reputable reviewer did a playthrough of this game it would go absolutely viral. This game is 1000x better than my Red dead redemption2 playthrough (which i also think is amazing game)

I was just standing on a roof in dead city, and a radstorm was approaching. But I was very far from any safe place. The closest one was in the swamp/woods a bit. I jumped off the roof. Ran across two adorable wood plank bridges. Killed 3-4 swampbeasts while running backwards, Found 3 enemies sitting in the safezone shack. So i fought them to the death and only had like 1HP remaining. This game is so original and unique and gorgeous

Then in dead city i drove to this little alcove area, and to get there i crossed over this cryengine-looking GORGEOUS concrete bridge. The alcove graveyard with fire anomalies and it looked gorgeous

This game has hundreds of bizzarely original breathtaking scenes

The textures are literally the best textures in human existence right now. Even the new ones are psychotically-faithful to the atmosphere of the game

The only thing i dislike is the radstorm frequency. The repetitive and consistent schedule of it seems almost arcadey in contrast to the very realistic authentic gameworld. I personally feel something this EPIC should only occur 1-2 times MAX in a playthrough. The first 2-3 times were epic and i recorded videos of it. But the following like 20? Bruh.. Shoot me.

btw awesome pic on the wall in the developer room on the 2nd floor in dead city haha


I think it would be way more popular if cordon/garbage were treated as easy zones (with a starter car) with clear roads so the player can quickly get an idea OF HOW AMAZING THIS JOURNEY IS GOING TO BE. The first 20 hours of the game make you mistakenly believe it going to be a regular 40hr running-on-foot stalker title.

I feel the vehicle is soo important to this game, so the one white car like halfway through the game is odd to me

if you started the game in cordon, ran upstairs, saw a car and a trader (fox above ground with a merchant shop not hidden away) i think people would quickly understand that this is going to be GRAND experience. Which it is. The game as it starts right now makes you think its going to be another linear 40 hour stalker game (when in reality its actually a 200+ hour SPRAWLING openworld epic with vehicles and factions and traders and EVERYTHING)

ive gotten a few friends to try this game over the years, but none of them ever played it long enough to get the vehicle. and it makes me sad. I dont blame them. You need to put in a good 20 hours of hard labor before you can even discover that this game is a LEVIATHAN EPIC JOURNEY

lost alpha is the singular best video game ive ever played in 33yrs of being alive. i want people to know about this game!!!!!

oh and sorry for being a passenger seat driver here, this game is so epic that its easy to forget theres only one person working on it. My brain keeps telling me its a AAAA title haha

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LiquidBronze Author
LiquidBronze - - 1,062 comments

In case you missed it, I am retired from stalker modding, so I wont be adding anything. You are welcome to make suggestions still and if you you don't want to try your hand at modding, maybe someone else can based off your ideas. Any changes will be dependent on players wanting to learn or release their own mods at this point.

Thanks for all the positive input!

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RandalMcdaniel - - 83 comments

yeah i know sorry its just new to me personally so i have a selfish excitement for the game. Its better than any new game so i keep forgetting

and no, i wouldnt try to mod it, games like this cant just have any ole person working on it, only a sacred few (like yourself) have that right by god.

I seriously dont even mod games as good as this, nor do i change the difficulty, the developers are gods, and i would never dare insult them

i just experienced a radstorm in the building (the same one where you need to RPG the red barrels on the ship) and i kind of regret saying the radstorm frequency is too high. Because that was INSANE and i love the radstorms

and the mechanic of the anomalies eating creatures then spitting out artifacts.. absolutely BRILLIANT

just curious does the survival stat increase probability of succesfully aquiring monster parts? It seems like it does but i cant confirm

oh and the loot being unique and always different is something AAA developers arent willing to do anymore. 10/10

All the RPG stats and ways to increase your stamina and things? MASTERFUL

i could write a book on how this is above and beyond the best singleplayer game ever made. By MILES

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RandalMcdaniel - - 83 comments

Hey liquid i got a question about the game, what does "strengthening of the vest 2nd class" actually do? It doesnt seem to effect any of the stats

also power restore, it says increases mobility in bulky armor, but it seems i run the same speed im not really sure

the more i play this the more clear its the best game i ever played in my life, i just got purple beads (wish i knew of these like 200 gameplay hours ago lol then i wouldnt have had to use cheat engine 2x gamespeed this whole time)

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LiquidBronze Author
LiquidBronze - - 1,062 comments

I am actually not sure what it is supposed to do to be honest. I normally don't use a suit that uses that mod.

Power restore is typically how fast your sprint meter refills. Not sure in relation to an exo if it is supposed to do something different.

Ya purple beads is an amazing artifact... The game will give you everything you need and more, if you take the time to explore... that is why I never use cheats or anything.

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RandalMcdaniel - - 83 comments

Just finished. Its even 10x more true thats the best singleplayer game i ever played in my life. The ending made me sad tho.

The game just cutscenes you and its over. No chance to even try on the 4x armor sets found inside pripyat underground

A better ending would be a fasttravel guy appears right near the monolith building right outside, and all zones and skies become clear and anomalies go away so we can now go play the game. IM just getting started why would they do me like that?

god that game was so amazing i want to play only this for the rest of my life

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LiquidBronze Author
LiquidBronze - - 1,062 comments

You can freeplay after the ending and get any side missions/gear/whatever you missed.

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