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Hello, fellows, There are new concepts and some relevant info from After Reset™ Wiki below (WARNING: spoilers!)

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Hello, fellows,

There are new concepts and some relevant info from After Reset™ Wiki below (WARNING: spoilers!)

Stalkers - a little known group of Survivors, mostly encountered near Artifacts left behind by the Incorporeals. For most other Survivors, they remain legends, the keepers of these Artifacts. According to these legends, the Stalkers are former Survivors who found the entrance to an Artifact, and came under its control. The fact that these groups exist was not confirmed until the Dallas Incident of 129 AR. After this the technical superiority of these groups over the other Survivors became obvious, though this was unlikely to be due solely to human technology.

The Dallas Incident - a historically significant military incident, that happened in 129 AR in one of the largest cities of the Past Era, Dallas, Texas, USA. It was in this year that the United Governments went out onto the Earth's surface for the first time since the Reset. Three UG Military Corps regiments made an attempt to tactically capture the ruins of the former metropolis, Dallas, chosen as a symbolic starting point for the revival of civilization from the ashes. The OG troops, centuries ahead technologically of the disparate anarchist Survivor groups, who then inhabited the city's ruins, took the city center almost without bloodshed where the Artifact of the Incorporeals was. However, during the approach, the OG met a group previously unknown to them, the so-called Stalkers, who were technologically inferior to the OG. The small group held on to the approaches to the Artifact down to the last. They were able not only to fight of the UG forces, but also make the Military Corps regiments fire on one another. At a cost of only 843 soldiers, the UG managed to break the resistance of the Stalkers and destroy the Artifact. The historic significance of the Dallas Incident to the UG is impossible to overstate: the UG successfully destroyed that which all humanity of the Past Era was unable to, the Incorporeals didn't appear, the UG became more convinced of their capabilities and the fact that they were chosen to revive humanity. In memory of the UG soldiers who gave their lives, they began the restoration of New Dallas with the construction of Tower 843 in the place where the UG artifact once was.

Mutated Citizen – a person affected by one of the varieties of Biomass, for whom the infection has already passed from the incubation period to become irreversible. Because of the characteristic features of the infection, which cause mutations in the musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system, this being moves much slower than a normal human and frequently dies from lack of food. However, the main danger they pose is the possibility of their infecting other people, thereby provoking a real epidemic.

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