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Dark Mod mapper Bikerdude has release his latest mission "St. Alban's Cathedral"

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St. Alban's Cathedral

"'Business' has been slow lately, even more so after most of my gear
got snatched during a Watch raid... I've since been forced to hit the
streets and pick pockets for a living. But my luck was about to change,
last night I was approached by a red hooded figure with a proposition...
As we sat down in a dark corner of a nearby inn, he told to me that the
Builders of St. Alban's Cathedral in the Old Quarter had recently
unearthed a discovery that might lead to the final resting place of some

(The Cathedral portion is based on the map "Reims Cathedral" from Loren Schmidt)
Download Here:



Playing it right now. Can't wait till I get to the pictured Cathedral!

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Great mission, everyone should try this one.

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nbohr1more Author

Forgot to mention:

This mission requires The Dark Mod v1.02.

You may either download the tdm_updater "updater" application or the whole 1.02 package (which I have recently uploaded to the Moddb Downloads area).


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