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Hot on the heals of our RA:APB 1.4 client release just last week, we're happy to announce that the latest version of Server-Side APB (fully compatible with Nuclear Winter) is now available to the public! Known as "SSAPB 2," it is exactly what it sounds like: everything you need to run a dedicated APB server for the current 1.4.0 client. New in this release: GameSpy Mode, which means you no longer need valid XWIS credentials or connection... so you can host a server anytime, anywhere :)

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Server-Side APB 2

What's a client without a server? Serve up your own battlefields, host new game types, set your clan up with a training ground, or see what APB would be like if you started with ruins and had to build your base back up, or could purchase new defenses. It's all here, and more, complete with an IRC interface for remote moderation and live monitoring!

New in SSAPB2 is operating in "GameSpy mode" which no longer requires you to have XWIS credentials to host, and means that if XWIS goes down (as it recently did) your server will remain running. This is the preferred new method of hosting a gameserver.

SSAPB 2, fully compatible with our latest Nuclear Winter client, natively supports All Out War, Sniping Only, Building Mode, and Infantry Only game modes, right out of the box.

In addition, there is support for random powerup crates for an authentic Red Alert feel. Fully extensible, you can download lots of additional modes and plugins from developers (such as Mp-Gaming's reborntheguy) including team balancing, scoring/economy overhauls, a surrender system, Teamspeak 3 integration, team commander mode, unit veterancy upgrades, VIP hunting mode, and many administrative plugins such as player muting or random map selections. Or write your own!

A special thanks to zunnie and reborntheguy from Mp-Gaming, catalyst from Ascended Warriors, plus WhiteDragon and Vloktboky from Black-Cell for the original SSGM, for making this all possible.

SSAPB 2 Server Package (683MB) Mirrors:

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(Germany) (U.S.A.) (U.S.A.) (U.S.A.) (U.S.A.) (U.S.A.)

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