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Squad, the Kickstarter backed 100 player tactical FPS, will release on Steam Early Access on December 15th, 2015.

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The future of large scale tactical shooters is rolling out for the holidays

New York – 9:00 AM November 21, 2015 - Offworld Industries LTD confirmed today that their debut game Squad, the Kickstarter backed 100 player tactical FPS, will release on Steam Early Access on December 15th, 2015.

As of Midnight PST November 30th 2015, the developers are ending pre-purchasing of the Squad Leader tier and the end of the Founders program with associated limited edition perks. Currently available at as a Founders “Squad Leader” Package with the following perks on Steam:

  • Founder Patch in-game on your soldier (Delivery date TBD)

  • Founder Tag in the Community Forums

  • Exclusive Alternate Weapon Skins (AK74 and M4)

  • Digital copy of the Squad soundtrack

  • In-game name in Credits

For early birds, current pre-purchase price for a Steam Early Access key is US $30 until November 30th, and can be also found at . The Release Price on Steam will be US $39.99 and available to buy on December 15th, 2015 at .

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With the launch of Steam Early Access there will be two new maps revealed, a 16km^2 map based on a real world location in Afghanistan, and a firing range/close quarter combat training map for rehabilitation of gamers who are unaccustomed to proper tactical squad based CQB gaming, as well as two new factions, Russia Ground Forces and irregular Militia. This will bring the day one Early Access game to a total of four factions, five maps across two real world conflict zones, and four game modes.

  • Advance and Secure. A single or multi latticed conventional vs conventional objective based game mode where base building and supplying bases are secondary objetives allowing full use of the dozen plus kits available in game.

  • Conquest. An objective based game where conventional and irregular forces vy for control of all objectives simultaneously, presenting scenarios experienced in the river valleys of current conflict zones where irregular forces flow like water around conventional force troop aggregations.

  • Insurgency. A Conventional vs Insurgent game mode where conventional forces take mechanized infantry patrols into territory to search and destroy Insurgent weapon caches. Insurgents are given broad leeway to use guerilla tactics to eliminate the conventional forces’ reinforcements.

  • Territory control. A Conventional vs Conventional or Conventional vs Insurgent battle where the conventional forces have to apply boots on the ground to secure total control of the terrain and towns, one square meter at a time.

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Today we also reveal the first song from the soundtrack of the game “Lost Squad” by Scott Tobin. The song will first be seen in the streaming and highlight reels from the inaugural clan vs clan tournament beginning on Dec 5th, a tournament that will grow to include dozens of Founder communities who pledged to support the development team as Squad moves into Early Access and beyond. Music written, composed and performed by Scott Tobin at

Squad Soundtrack - "Lost Squad"

Scott Tobin

ABOUT Offworld Industries LLC:

Offworld Industries LLC is an independent studio formed in 2014 by 15+ developers who had worked together for a combined 50+ years on the Project Reality Mod for Battlefield 2, with the founding purpose to bring a standalone successor to the acclaimed mod to market. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the team has brought on modders and industry professionals to form a 25+ man studio with the goal of bringing a new take on the large scale tactical shooter.

Official Site:
Press Kit:

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Keith Weisglas

Serathis - - 468 comments

Neat! Although I'm a rifleman, I can't wait for release!

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PetrenkaPie - - 1,040 comments

Insurgency meets optimized Arma =)

Well **** it. I'm a miser, though. Everyone else go buy it it's worth it!

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carmikaze1 - - 1 comments

Cannot wait!!

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