Squad announces their Kickstarter campaign start of May 26. Further info in article. Rally up and join us to bring the next generation of large scale tactical shooter to the world!

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The Squad development team is excited to announce that within the next 7 days we will be launching our Kickstarter Campaign!

This will be your opportunity to become a Founding Member of Squad and have an impact on the success of this project.

We have been very overwhelmed to date by the level of excitement and passion people have shown for the project and we hope everyone is ready to take this next giant step with us. It is going to take a lot of energy and we are relying on you guys to help us through this campaign.

If you ever wanted to scream, shout or generally be annoying about how much you want to see Squad as a finished game, now is the time. Please help us by spreading the word through all your various media channels and keep them linked back to our forums so we can help amplify their effectiveness.

For us this is the first chance to really bring this thing to life and possibly be given the opportunity to dedicate ourselves full time to making this Squad project a reality.And just to get you guys warmed up, here are a list of our base donor tiers and approx how much you can expect them to cost. (all costs in USD)
Once again, we appreciate everyones excitement and energy and we are ready to start this journey with all of you. Please show us your support and help our collective voices rattle the cages of the video game world. Squad is coming!

Squad Dev Team

"When he took time to help the man up the mountain, he scaled it himself."- Tibetan Proverb

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