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New Updates and Work for Yellow-Shift in the Early-Spring Breeze, with a touch of headcrab.

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Hey Everyone. It has been a long time since any of us have really touched based with you guys on anything. Whether it be from our website to MODDB to Twitter or Youtube. We have been really silent. Sadly, not of all of this silence has been to keep a tight-knit secret (Like say rebuilding Black Mesa) but rather. We've been busy with our own lives and own projects outside of Half-Life, that we haven't had a lot of time to focus our efforts on Yellow-Shift. But not all is lost, for just like Gordon Freeman. We too harness the power of Saving Determination.

In the upcoming weeks, you all will be getting a nice amount of media to feast your eyes on, starting today with some work in progress map screenshots. These are early in the game and will be containing a big twist that leads to an even bigger surprise, that we won't show. We'll let you figure that out once it happens!

In the end, I hope you all enjoy these small updates to let you know the mod is still active, I'd suggest you all check out our main website too. (YS Section almost completed), as it will be more active than MODDB and is also a great (but small) community for modding.


Glad to see that this is still alive (lol, reminds me of portal)

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