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Halloween is soon and we need to haul our butts out to talk about it.

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Greetings to our community, people passing by, and everyone inbetween.

Halloween is a few days away and with it we're doing our second vintage Halloween. The map pack will be up on our addons page to reduce load times for you joining. The real horror isn't the undead, or a floating eye nor a vengeful magical former roommate of the soldier. No the real horror this Halloween will be the multiple people crammed into a tiny server in the corner of the internet with only murder on their mind (or is that just me). A server featuring all the Halloween maps will be up on the 31st and run till the 5th of November. For those playing live TF2, we invite you to take a break from having your matches decided by a dance off and instead have it decided by which team can fill the graveyard faster with their fallen foes. Hopefully we'll have 3.5 ready BEFORE that and with it bring back the gruesome gore of the pumpkin bombs along with a variety of bugfixes and spooky treats as we roll out another batch of weapons.

On a less Halloweeny topic, I'll be posting from the desk of devanon again; this time going over the recent news regarding TF2 08's failure to get on steam. You can find the original post on our steam group here.

This past week, TF2008 had attempted the bold move of doing something which no other TF2 mod has done before: Getting their TF2 mod on Steam. Unfortunately, Valve's requests were too much for their project and TF2008 conceded with not releasing on Steam, leading to the meltdown of the mod. Despite this defeat, it was an important step into the precedent of TF2 mods as it now shows the requirements of TF2 mods and community mod guidelines in order to be included on the store. TF2 Vintage is still continuing towards the goal of making the game playable on Steam as best as possible despite our limited resources and manpower available to develop the mod. We are still going to try our hardest to give the community another update now available in prerelease (3.5) adding in numerous new features while fixing more various bugs and errors in the game to fulfill the mod's ultimate goal of being a recreation of the golden years of TF2.

Whether you are here after the meltdown of TF2008 or have been a player since the ancient V1 update: Thank you for enjoying and playing our mod. Our growth has been nothing but word of mouth; we haven't received any coverage from any major gaming channels or news coverage at all in the year and a half that TF2V has existed. If you want to help TF2V, please refer a friend or two to come play TF2V especially if they were a TF2008 player. We support variants of TF2 from 2007-2010 including support for that time period that is easily configurable by servers. The best way to contribute is to give player counts and good matches to a not-so-well-known TF2 mod.

TF2 08's refusal on the steam store has shown us our project doesn't have a ghost of a chance to get on. That's ok though, we'll continue to put up our builds here and communicate with you guys as well as on our discord and steam group (not to mention in game). I'd also like to extend a thanks to those who opted into testing 3.5 and helped with a ton of up coming fixes that should keep 3.5 from falling into the same pits as previous major releases have.

Ok, that about wraps it up here. Stay spooky

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