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Hello everyone, everything good? As we discussed last week, we’re developing a splash art focused on Groma and the plan is to make it with your help!

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Today we present you the second step on its creation. Today we will begin picking a winner between some thumbs. Thumbs work as the foundation for the art. Even as quick sketches they are very important because they show how the elements and image composition will be. Between last week and today we have received suggestions from the community, which in addition to our own, helped create and select three candidates. And in the coming week, in the same way as before, we need your help picking which one to use!

Thumb A

Thumb A

Team A

Here Groma is shown with her relic resting on her shoulder, while her banner is flying behind. All the elements are really well balanced in this composition and she takes most of the image real estate. All of her leadership is conveyed through her facial expression. Contemplating the battlefield with such a fierce look, eyeing into the direction of the viewer and with her army behind, the feeling is that Groma’s ready for anything and everything.

With such an intense look, it’s kinda hard to not feel like joining Team A right?

Thumb B

Thumb B

Team B

The second candidate is similar to the first one in many ways. The major difference being the camera angle, which makes everyone look to Groma from below. Groma is towering over everyone, making her feel even more superior. Without a doubt a great leader, but is she inspiring enough for #TeamB to win?

Thumb C

Thumb C

Team C

The last option has a different approach. In this thumb there’s more action and spontaneity from her. Groma’s pictured in an important moment, she is sending her army forward and leading it into battle! She has given the order, but will #TeamC deliver on making this thumb the winner?

A thumb to call yours

All thumbs

The three options, which one do you choose?

The winner will be picked by you! We will share the results next week, and until then this will be the main focus of our channels. So don’t forget to go to our Discord, Facebook or Twitter! The team which makes the most noise will take this one, with its thumb working as the foundation of Groma’s splash art!

Let us know, which one is your favorite? Are you in Team A, Team B or Team C?

Leave a comment below, the competition has already begun!

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