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I've written this article to showcase and explain how the spellbooks in the new Minas Tirith map will work. They will be available for the two special factions of Mordor and Gondor.

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SpellBooks in Minas Tirith:

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For Mordor:

As you can see, Mordor's spells are mainly aggressive (there's no offensive/defenseive split). The strength of Gondor comes with time which gives it possibility to buy upgrades and heavy units, whereas the goal of Mordor's spellbook is to stop this progression, forcing the Gondor player to buy cheap units in large numbers to fight the spawn of orcs.

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Rhun reinforcements: Calls 3 hordes of Rhun Spearmen, 1 horde of Rhun warriors, and 2 horde of Rhun spearmen. (The reload time of this power is a little shortened).
- Advice: Keeping the spearmen of Rhun alive will help you again the cavalry reinforcements of Gondor.

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Trolls assault: Calls 10 Olog-hai with differents upgrades (4 with Hammer, 4 with sword, 2 with mace)
- Advice: wait for the Grond power to use this, that way you can rapidly take control of the first level of Minas Tirith.
- Grond is the only efficient way to break the main gate of Gondor. Useing the power of the trolls against that gate would be a terrible mistake.

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Harad reinforcements: Calls 12 upgraded mumakils (improved with war painting and harad archers on their top)
- Advice: keep this power as an answer to the Rohan reinforcements of Gondor.

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For Gondor:

The Gondor spellbook gives the choice between two strategies. One defensive which will allow the Gondor player to gain access to strong units which will have the power to deafeat a large number of enemy troops but the player wich choose this strategy will have problems fighting the different reinforcements called by Mordor.
The agressive tactic will allow Gondor to slow down the enemy expansion and to answer to the reinforcements called by Mordor but this time the Gondor player will not be able to improve his defences and the Mordor player will win field part by part.

I think the best solution is to invest in both lines at the same time.

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To arms!: This power allows the player to instantly upgrade the bataillons in the target area with heavy armor, forged blade and fire arrows.

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Minas Tirith units: This power unlocks the Royal barracks which can be build on one of the construction plots of the city (only one barracks is authorized at the same time).

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Defender of the White City: When the player buys this power, Gandalf unlocks some new abilities, strong against the numerous light units like the orcs.
Gandalf also gains +500 points of health, improved melee/distance attack and can now hit multiple enemies at once.
(Gandalf is already white at the start of the game, therefore it is an improvement for Gandalf the white).

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Dol Amroth reinforcements: Calls 3 hordes of Dol Amroth cavalry and the prince Imrahil.
- Advice: These units can easily break lines of Mordor and destroy the siege weapons.

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Rohan reinforcements: Calls 12 hordes of Rohirrim, 2 hordes of mounted Royal Guards , Erkenbrand, Elfhelm, Grimbold, Eowyn, Merry, Eomer, Theoden and Gamling permanantly on the battlefield.
If one of the heroes dies you must wait that the spell is reloaded to revive them.

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Army of the dead: Calls 12 hordes of dead warriors and the King of the Dead with an expanded time span. The spell also brings Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli permanantly on the battlefield.
If Gimli, Legolas or Aragorn die you must wait for the spell to be available again.
- Advice: Wait that Mordor calls the mumakils to use it.
- It really is better to buy it befor you buy the spell "Return of the King"

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Return of the King: Allows Aragorn to become King Elessar.
When Aragorn is crowned, the kingdoms of men are reunited under one banner and you can buy new units at the inn.
- Advice: It really is better to buy it after buy the spell "Army of the Dead"

Gandalf, Defender of the White City

Like I said before, Gandalf will receive a rework in the map Minas Tirith, I present so the news for him. I tried to organize its buttons in the most practical way possible, the idea is that the player must have access to some vital powers rapidly.

I introduce so the work of our team on the new Gandalf commandset for Minas Tirith:

The Basic Palantir:


The basic palantir of Gandalf will present all the palantirs toggle option, to allow the player to switch between the different palantirs.


Toggle Stance: These two buttons will allow Gandalf to switch between melee and distance attack (exactly like the Faramir toggle weappon Sword/Bow).


Melee Weapon: When Gandalf is in his melee stance, he can fight in close combat with the same damage that in the vanilla version. When the player buy "Defender of the White City" in the SpellBook Gandalf win a small damage area which allow him to defeat two enemies in the same time.


Distance Weapon: When Gandalf is in his distance stance, he can shoot magic balls on the enemy units.
This stance is like a toggle weapon, Gandalf shoot projectiles infinitely as long as it is in this stance.


Toggle Palantir: These buttons will allow the player to show the other palantirs of Gandalf.


Narya Ring: will be present if the Edain team decide to reintroduce it in game.


Mount/Dismount: Allows Gandalf to mount his horse. This power will be on the Basic Palantir because the player must access rapidly to this button.

The Palantir of Capacities:


The palantir of capacities of Gandalf is here to inform the player on all the bonus that will own gandalf.


This button will allow the player to return to the basic palantir when he click on it.


Gandalf is able to create a magic shield to protect itself against the strong attacks.


Mithrandir: Gandalf provide a leadership for all the nearby units (+20% Damage, 20% Armor and 50% Exps).


The White Rider: Gandalf provide a leadership for all the nearby units which give them a resistance to the fear and all the nearby buildings research upgrade and train units 25% faster.

The Palantir of the Spells:


The palantir of the spell contain all the vanilla spell of Gandalf the White.


This button will allow the player to return to the basic palantir when he click on it.

The Palantir of the Istari:


The palantir of the Istari contain all the new power than Gandalf will unlock when the player buying "Defender of the White City" from the SpellBook.


This button will allow the player to return to the basic palantir when he click on it.


Hidden Power: This spell will paralyzes nearby enemies and convert the nearby troll in stone (like we can look in the Hobbit movie). The main goal of this power in the Minas Tirith map will be to delay the units which attack numerously.


Troll Slayer: For 20 seconds, Gandalf win 100% damage against trolls and 50% armor against the other enemies. This is a good opportunity for the player to defeat the "Trolls assault" spell of Mordor.


Power of the Istaris: A lighting storm fall on a big area causing great damage to a big number weak enemy like the orcs. This spell is a good spell to fight against the Mordor Spam.

I think you noticed the fact that we loved an old submod made for Edain 3.8.1 and we wanted to bring some forgotten abilities here (link of the Heroes submod for those who are interested : )

Hello everyone! After a long time of research for the Tower Guards gameplay, I finally finish my plans that I will explain you in this article.

The Gondor Tower Guards are the elite infantry of Gondor. They are Minas Tirith's permanent garrison and defend it against all attacks.

Tower Guards Final Render

When I started the work on the Submod, I wanted to give more importance to this very iconic Gondor unit making them appear more prominently in the game.
I so opted to make a basic sytem of three hordes, each with a specific goal:

1) The Swordsmen effective against heroes and heavy units
2) The Pikemen effective against cavalry units and monster
3) The Spearmen with Shield effective against distance units

All these hordes was limited to 2 at time on the battlefield.

Tower Guard Pike Tower Guard Sword Tower Shield Guard

But I was not satisfied because these elite units was too numerous and Gondor already had a lot of them. I always want to find an own goal for each units and if we have too much units, some of them may to not be used.
Moreover, I don't wanted to see an army of tower guards, it looked strange to see more soldiers of this elite that regular units.

So I refocused on the basic characteristics of Tower Guards, to help me to make a concept more appropriated:

- Pikemen: As we can see on the movies, they handle a long spear.
- Iconic warrior: As a whole, they were considered to be the best soldiers in the realm of Gondor. Known for their bravery, fighting skills, and unshakable loyalty, they swear an oath against their own lives to serve their lord.
- Guard of the White Tree: "When the first leaf opened in the spring, Isildur was healed of his wounds."
- High military rank: At Gondor, these soldier better than anyone, know the art of war.

And, after some research based on these points, I can finally introduce the final Tower Guard system:

In An Edain Submod, the tower guard will be heroic unit limited to two horde at time on the battlefield. Unlike the usual heroic unit which are often a small horde of 5 units the tower guards will be a horde of 15 pikemen and a total of 22units when the horde is fully upgraded (I decided to remove the shield carriers and the swordsmen hordes and implement them by another way).

This units will own some upgrades and can be reach the level 10:


Stance: Pikes wall/Phalanx /Attack

02 3 03 1 01 3

Pikes wall stance = In this stance, the Tower Guards goes into a strong defensive formation, they win +75% armor but can't move.

PikesWallStance PikesWallStance Upgraded
(The pictures show the pikes wall formation without and with the upgrade "shield carrier").

Phalanx stance = In this stance, the Tower Guards goes into a light defensive formation, they win +20% armor -30% speed.

PhalanxStance PhalanxStance Upgraded
(The pictures show the phalandx formation without and with the upgrade "shield carrier").

Attack stance = In this stance, the Tower Guards aren't in formation but are able to run. They own basic states.

- Level 1 = Guard of the White Tower (passive): The Tower Guard are responsible for keeping the last level of Minas Tirith, they are positioned in front of each of its buildings. The nearby buildings win +30% armor.

- NoLevel = Palantir of the upgrades: This button allows the player to switch between the "basic palantir" and the "Palantir of the upgrades".

- Level 5 = High ranked fighters: The Tower Guard presence inspire the nearby units, when this ability is activated, all the nearby units gain +75% armor but lose -25% speed for 30 secondes.

- Level 9 = White Tree protection (passive): The nearby troops are slowly healed.

- NoLevel = Banner Carrier (cost 400): Add a Banner Carrier at the back of the horde which provide a leadership to the nearby troops making them fearless and allow the Tower Guards horde to regenerate fallen units.


- NoLevel = TogglePalantir: Return to "Basic Palantir".

- NoLevel = Forged Blades: Increases the damage.

- NoLevel = Heavy Armor: Increases the armor, hit points and damage resistance of the unit.

- NoLevel = Shield carrier (cost 800): Add a rank of five Tower Guards armed with large shields and spears on the front of the horde. These units add a strong resistance against projectiles.

- NoLevel = Captain (cost 600): Add a Captain at the back of the horde. The captain of the Tower Guards is a swordmaster, his presence strengthen the Tower Guards units which win +15% damages against heroes.

More to come

Glorfindel23 Author

More information about Minas Tirith map here:

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Fear. The city is rank with it. Let us ease their suffering... Lots of great stuff, can't wait to play.

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I want to play this submod so much but this submod waits the 4.5 patch release so we will not play this awesome submod until the mod of year 2017 when edain mod 4.5 patch releases...

Glorfindel23, did you change the other factions' spellbooks in general too like edain mod 4.5 patch version that is not only changing according to maps ?

How is the mod processing so far ? thank you.

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Glorfindel23 Author

I let the work on the regular spellbook to the edain team... Me, I will just create new spellbook for each map than I made.
This is for that than I must wait the edain 4.5, to begin coding on the spellbook.

For you other question the mod is finish to 15% (like I said before I can't begin coding before the 4.5).

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15% from 100% done or left to be done?

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Glorfindel23 Author

15% from the total mod, and now I can say something like 18% because at the same time that we develop the mod we win ideas which add a lot of work and ask more time.

The only things that I can say: Minas Tirith is finish to 65%, the global maps is finish but me and the team must still work on all the coding part. We currently work on some heroes ability, and on the spellbook. We decide also to the goal that will receive each units in the map because Gondor have a lot of units and I want a particular goal for all of them.
I just began to script the map, and some units models like the fiefs units are still needed (I will soon post some news about the fiefs of Gondor), the trebuchet must again be coded and his texture model must be improved.

I still d'ont begin the work on Mordor (exept the SpellBook). And a big part of the work is still needed on the wall geometry of Minas Tirith and the siege tower coding.

However the map is developing very fast now that we are three worked on.

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When the 4.5 arrives ?

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Glorfindel23 Author

I don't know, this part is the work of the edain team.

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Wow such an epic work,that what i hoped for long to see in other great mods for eg Aotr etc. but will never happen...

im curious about your other heros too ;) Give the game more loore depth!
Esp Saruman will be interesting as also all other Heros who originally had two weapons...esp elven ones are a thing like Elrond, and i'd like to see a skilltree for irmladris where gil-galad is permanent ;)

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Glorfindel23 Author

No worry I planned a lot of things and maps, heroes like Gil Galad, Elendil, Isildur and other heroes of the Last Alliance will be permanent in Dagorlad map. Gil Galad will also be playable in other elven maps.

I of course planned something for Saruman in the map Isengard, and some other maps where he will be present.

All the informations will come later ;)

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I'm noticing that the 'Rohan reinforcements' spell lists Pippin as a hero who is summoned. Shouldn't that be Merry?

Looks awesome by the way. :)

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Glorfindel23 Author

Thank you, I fixed the description ;)

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Awesome. :)

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