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Update for spectre. Work being done on optimisation. Also featuring overhauled screenshots and video of the first level.

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I haven't updated this thread in a while because progress was somewhat slow and to be frank, this whole game is currently a disjointed mess. I only realized this when I wanted my friends Duke and Bugsy to test the first level due to performance issues. (Big shoutout to duke for being very helpful in already improving things but I need to make a few sacrifices to have it hit that 60 fps mark)
I wanted to add a few levels that are relatively done gameplay wise so they get a little bit of game along side the testing but then I realized...didn't have any. Everything about this project is kind of spread across a whole bunch of unfinished maps.

So whats the plan?

Well, there are some issues with game guru that make it rather difficult to make this project a full length game. I know that this was originally going to be a short 1 hour game with 4 maps and a little story. It then evolved into a fully fledged shooter, in fact, my main creative project at the moment, spanning a whole 8 missions (roughly 15 levels). However, in order to actually finish this and to make it a compelling enough game for players to enjoy I decided that 6 full levels would be enough. So a lot of things will need to be reorganized and cut out.

Still, that being said I think its the best decision. I have my doubts that a lot of players would put aside the time to play through a gigantic 15 level GG game like this and I also fear that the amount of effort I would need to put in would simply not be possible given that I'm also making a lot of changes in my personal life right now that require my attention. I mean hey, I turned 30 last month and while its not on the radar for the remainder of this year, I know full well that me taking my sweet time with certain things, like starting a family, finally getting married and the whole onslaught of events that comes with that will most likely result in said events all coming at me in full force and at once drowning me in a gigantic maelstrom of responsibility.

But back to the game: I am currently working on finishing the alpha version of mission 1. There are some gameplay elements I want to add, some I mentioned before but I think I could pull off a decent inventory system as well... you know, for more advanced puzzles and to let the player discover more loot other than health, guns, keys and armor.

So yes. Level 1, which you might remember from the first post to this thread has been expanded and it serves as an introduction to the setting and themes of the game. There is no gameplay to it yet as I need to crack the performance nut first but I'd like to show you all some impressions from that area, including a walkthrough in the form of a youtube video:



As always, thanks for visiting, thanks for your support and feel free to let me know what you think!

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