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Traits have always been important in Dead In Vinland! Now, you can even gain some positive and negative special effects while working in the camp!

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Hey survivors,

We hope you’re okay! it’s almost September, which means summer holidays are officially over :( But this also means the DLC and the 1.2 Patch are releasing VERY SOON! We know it’s been a while since we last updated you about the upcoming 1.2 patch. However, we’ve been working a lot on the different changes/new features AND the DLC that will be released along the patch!

For those who want to know more about the “New companion”, please wait just a little longer, it’s almost ready!

eirik idle

Today we’ll go into details of another big feature of the upcoming free 1.2 patch: the Special Effects for Camp Stations!

Special Effects for Camp Stations!

We added “a few” new Traits that you can get when you do activities in the camp. We’re still playtesting the values, but the gist of it is that you’ll sometimes get positive or negative Traits added to the result of an action.

eirik fortified

New Trait: Fortified!

We already did this kind of thing by adding the possibility of getting the Energized trait while setting your characters to a mid-day nap. However, this time, we “just” expanded this system to almost every camp station :)

These additionnal effects are not documented anywhere in the game, so here’s the list that we have right now (which can change over time, so don’t take it for granted):

  • Shipwreck: chances to get Depressed or Lucky
  • Rest Area: chances to get Energized
  • Medical Tent:
    • Healer: chances to get Depressed, Headache or Fortified
    • Patient: chances to get Bored
  • Workshop: chances to get Crushed Fingers or Inspired

blod   crushed fingers

That sounds painful…

moira inspired

… But you can get the Inspired Trait, which is not half-bad!

  • Forge: chances to get Crushed Fingers or Inspired
  • Tavern:
    • Relax mode: chances to get Demotivated or Refreshed
    • Party mode: chances to get Drunk or Excited
  • Shelter: chances to get Bored or Refreshed
  • Fetch water: chances to get Back Pain
  • Harvest Fruit: chances to get Bruises, Tick Bite or Food Stash

moira food stash

Sometimes, you will get the Food Stash trait…

eirik tick bite

And sometimes, you’ll get the Tick Bite one… Ouch!

  • Herbalist:
    • No focus: nothing
    • Hemp: chances to get Allergies or Relaxed
    • Healing Plants: chances to get Poisoned or Healing Pouch
    • Seeds: chances to get Rash or Bird Bait
  • Garden: chances to get Back pain
  • Pens: chances to get Smelly
  • Hunt: chances to get Fractured Arm, Small Wound or Food Stash
  • Fishing: chances to get Bored or Relaxed
  • Exploration: chances to get Sprained Foot, Fractured Leg or Scouting
  • Wood Cutting: chances to get Dislocated Shoulder, Bleeding or Fortified
  • Mining: chances to get Back Pain, Dislocated Shoulder or Lucky

blod bored

Sometimes, fishing is not so exciting

Now, Traits are more important than ever in Dead In Vinland, so you should definitely pay attention to your character’s sheet!

Of course a lot of these Traits are new ones, and we also added a new “Tapeworm” disease, that you can get while eating raw meat (0.5% chances)… In exchange, we lowered a bit the Sickness you get when eating raw meat.

That’s it for today! Next time, we’ll officially announce everything you need to know about the first DLC of Dead In Vinland!

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Happy surviving!

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