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I've finished the final soviet union concept. Soviet Union will feature two unique abilities: Modernization and leader abilities.

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Soviet Union key features are "modernization" and "leader abilities". Modernization is needed in order to request more advanced vehicles. There are 2 levels of modernization for each unit category. For example tank modernization 1 unlocks the T-34 mod. 1943 and tank modernization 2 the T-34/85.
Some units, such as the Militia Commisar, are considered "leader" units and will unlock specific abilities in certain situation. For example Militia Commisars within 15m from a friendly unit can execute it to motivate the other men. The related "leader ability" is unlocked in the proper menu whenever a commissar is in range of this ability.

The Support operations for the Soviet Union will be the following:

Tank Guard:
T-34/57: You will receive a modified T-34 armed with a 57mm ZiS-2 cannon.
IS-1: You will call in an IS-1 heavy tank armed with a 85mm cannon
T-34 Command tank: This T-34 unlocks the leader ability "Armor replacements" in the tank leader abilities.
KV-2: You will call in a KV-2 heavy tank armed with a 152mm howitzer. This unit unlocks the leader ability "KV-2 barrage" in the artillery leader abilities.

Urban Warfare:
Not a step back!: Your soldiers won't be controllable but they will gain a huge health bonus
NKVD squad: This squad unlocks the leader ability "Zealous devotion" in the infantry leader ability
Elite Sniper: You will receive a squad made by 2 snipers and 1 elite sniper.
Katyusha: You will call in a couple of katyusha rocket launchers.

Scorched Earth:
Partisans: You will receive a squad of Partisans armed with captured German weapons and incendiary bombs.
Incendiary Bombs: Every incendiary bomb laid down by a Partisan will detonate instantly.
Cut supplies: Each enemy vehicle will have a small chance of being damaged every 30 seconds.
KV-8: A modified KV-1 armed with a coaxial flamethrower and a 45mm cannon will support your troops.

Soviet War Machine
Raw materials: You will receive 5 random tech points.
Double Production: You will receive 2 tanks when you request a tank reinforcement
Land Lease: Call in a couple of M4A2 Shermans escorted by soviet tank hunters armed with M1 Bazookas.
Red Wave: Every second you will receive a random infantry or tank reinforcement independently from your current modernization level (this means you can receive an IS-2 even if you are at tank modernization level 1).

Soviet Union units

Soviet Union units

Soviet Union units

Soviet Union units

Soviet Union units

Soviet Union units

Soviet Union units


fantastic, the motherland will smash the fascist scum with these awesome work ^^

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BlackCaesar Author

I forgot to write the two General Support Operations. Both of them are for free:

- Propaganda Press -> You will receive 1000 command points but, since conscription disrupts the production system of USSR, you lose 3 tech points for each kind.

- Defectors -> 15 random units will become hostile but when you kill them you receive 600 command points and a random level 2 reinforcements (level 2 means that it is normally activated by modernization level 2, so you can basically get Veteran Militia, Red Guards, Assault Marines, ZiS-2, ISU-152 with engineers, SU-100, IS-2, T-34/85, T-70, Dhsk MG, Mortar brigade).

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it is a very big problem that USSR can not refill their cannon ammo, this has to be fix....I can't call in 5 D1-152mm and leave them like trash after they finished their 20 bullet

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Tank Guard +is3
Urban Warfare +203mm4b

would be great

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