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The Soviet code is just about ready for initial testing, if you're feeling adventurous and want to get involved read on!

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Enemies of the state have been purged, new order imposed...

The beta will be conducted on the people's glorious discord channel:

Please go here and request beta access or PM me so I can add you; this will give you access to the top secret channels.

Do your part and put the Red Army through its paces comrade!

Greetings comrades!

The Soviet beta code is just about ready for testing. The slight snag is the DS forums have been a bit fubared recently. Assuming we can get them fixed the plan is to use them as the hub for testing. Step one is to sign up here:

Then send me a PM so I can grant you tester status:

If the signup is still not fixed soon I'll look at setting up an alternative system or possibly shift to discord:

This is a provisional state for the code so it's only for adventurous people who want to play about with game files, still it's far and away the most stable and fun build of the game (even with just the soviets) so should be worth a look if you have some experience messing with inis (which is probably most of the people here at ModDB!)


Polyushko Polye comrade! And Vpered na Berlin!

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Korona Author

Ubit' fashisti!

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The bear is angry

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