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Our first of many media updates. Today we show you two of our maps, explain the basics of the game and show off some of the models we've made.

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Hello Moddb. Today we bring you our very first media update showing off some of the maps and models we've been working on. But first some info...

Soulless is a squad based mod following the story of Azure, a shock trooper working for the SID in the drones division. He and his squad go into a city that has been plagued by riots and rampaging citizens. The British government have lost contact with their army in the city and have contracted the SID, drones division, to send in troops and find out what's going on.

Azure is accompanied by his squad-mates Axel, Marx, Wolf, Red and Thompson. This squad of misfits is but one of thousands of squads that are sent into the city.

Soulless has been in development for a while now and it's slowly been handing out images and tracks but apart from that not much has been seen. But today that changes because now we'll show you what we have been working on the past year and a bit.


This map is the intro to the whole game. Of course I won't give away the direction because we want that to be a surprise... Although I will tell you it involves trains. The map is a small compound where the drones (Our allies) are staying as backup for the troops in the city. The base of operations for this outpost is a small abandoned cabin.

This map is the aftermath of all hell breaking lose; crumbling buildings, crashed cars, dirt in the streets. The sky shines orange as you walk through the abandoned desolate streets with your squad. Ash falls as you walk by the body bags of ex-citizens and soldiers.


These models are some of the items and persons of interest that you have not seen in our image selection. They are listed in order:

-Flashlight: by Andy1318
-MedKit: by Andy1318
-Uzi: by Andy1318
-1187: model by Andy1318 texture by CreativeOne
-Drone: by Crazyb2000
-Headshot Gore Set: by Crazyb2000

That's all for this update. There should be one every few months or so, so stay tuned and thank you for reading

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long time no see, i thought this mod was slowely fading into the dark, if you want me to make some more textures just contact me on skype ;)

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