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Just to give you an idea of what will be in the first BETA, I compiled this little info text for you. /maddy

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MOD News, January 2010

=SoS= Sea of the Stars


Here i am again.

I am proud to announce our very first beta release later this month (january 2010).

After nearly two years we got something that works and is quiet presentable.

There are still some issues and some minor, missing stuff but it looks pretty decent as of now.

The problem now is balancing. We tried to pre-balance the units to get a playable version however as we are in fact only

2 people now constantly working on the mod we need feedback to adjust unit strength/fix bugs for the next patched version.

So please pm me or go to our forum section (need to be registered) and comment on the

current verison once it is out. Without your help we will not be able to improve balancing !

So whats in the BETA ?

- All 'stock' imperial and FPA ships seen in the series:

Cruiser, Missilie Cruiser (FPA), Destroyer, Missile Destroyer (Empire), Scoutship, Supplyship, Battleship, Fast Battleship (Empire),
Command Battleship (= generic flagship), carrier/Mothership for fighters and gunboats (Empire), Construction Ship.

- Most flagships as research option (you do not build them actually), you can also progress in rank via research

You can research most Characters/Flagships and spawn them at you main planet after research is done.
However if you loose them they are gone. But don't worry - as long as they are protected by a fleet they are VERY tough.
Don't let them fly around alone though and retreat them early if you loose a fight.

- Several "buildings" (represented mostly as beacons/abstract structures) bound to a planet, serving as materiel/food/supply producers.

- The sins resources have been altered: you now get food/war materiel and supply instead of metal/crystal and culture

- Supply is needed for your ship's special actions, special supply ships can recharge your fleet in enemy territory

- You build units of ships instead of every single unit itself

- Because of game restraints 'pirates' are back. However they do not attempt raids and are marked as 'civilians'.
They have their own respective non-military ships but will shoot back if you attack them :) Phezzani traders also roam the universe now.

- Custom UI and weapon sounds are in. Most imperial units have a german voice now.

- A classical composition for background music (this will probably be available as a separate 'Music-Mod' isntead of being with the SoS Mod itself).

- Changed UI graphics and custom interfaces (ingame) for FPA and Empire

- Custom icons for almost everthing

- Starbases are in (Garmisch for the Empire, Lycus for the FPA)

- You can defend your planets with the "Necklace of Artemis" (both factions, each sphere is built separately)

- Working multiplayer support (via LAN or IRONCLAD ONLINE)

Known issues:

- Some beacons/buildings/planetary ornaments only appear after you 'mouse over' them or their respective icons (e.g. in the 3D view).

- Best leave 'autoplace' on except when building the artemis spheres (for custom placement)

- Some balance issues

- Somethimes only the 'first ship' of a squadron (the one which spawns the other vessels after construction) joins a local fleet.
You might need to manually add ships to fleets then.


Some Additional info from the release notes (a little more technical) - compiled by Renner.
He did most of the code and balancing:

Sea of the Stars


This mod is compressed as a .7z file. If you don't already have it, download and install a program that can read .7z,
like 7-zip (

Extract both the Music and Game archives directly to your Sins of a Solar Empire/Mods-Entrenchment v1.041
folder. The exact location varies from different versions of Windows, but it's stored under Application Data in
the Local Settings directory of your profile folder. These are marked as hidden by default, so you may need to go
into the Folder Options window (Tools/Folder Options from any folder) and set "Show hidden files and folders"
under the View tab.

The Mod

-= Combat =-
Unlike in regular Sins, shields don't block every shot. The weakest shields (Imperial Destroyers) only block 30% of hits;
the strongest (Battleships) block 70%. Capital ship shields, however, are always effective.

Shield mitigation has been renamed Damage mitigation, and also works differently. Non-capital ships have a base
mitigation of 1%; they will deflect 1% of all damage. By grouping together in close proximity with other ships, they can
raise that mitigation, up to a maximum of 30%. Capital ships (including carriers) have a base mitigation of 70%, meaning
that with thirty other ships nearby they'll deflect 100% of all damage, becoming invulnerable.

Ships in large groups become harder to maneuver, however; a penalty of 1% per ship is applied to turning speed.
Additionally, they spread 1.5% of damage to all ships within range of either buff. These also stack up to a maximum of
thirty ships.

-= Construction =-
Combat unit construction is handled differently than in the stock game. Because of the vast numbers of units involved in
even a minor skirmish, you build "leader" ships, which five seconds after launch spawn several more ships. The downside
is that the spawned ships will not follow the lead to rally points, or join fleets automatically. In all other respects lead
and spawned units are identical.

Lead ships are denoted by a ^ before their name in the ship list. The smallest squad sized spawned is by the Alliance
Missile Cruiser (6); the largest is the Imperial Destroyer (20). Both total numbers and crew needed is written on the
unit build description.

-= Research =-
At the moment, there are only two research trees, Fleet and Rank.

- Fleet -
The "Fleet" screen (replacing Defense) is where different commanders can be recruited. When it's completed, your
chosen commander will usually spawn at your starting planet, from one of three starting buildings:

for the Empire, the Lohengramm Admiraltät, Kriegsministerium and Kriegsakademie;

for the Alliance, the General Headquarters, Strategical Planning Center and Command Academy.

In some cases, the commander's flagship will spawn from a prerequisite ships instead (for example, Barbarossa from
Brünhild, or Airget lamh and Triglav from Hyperion).

Sometimes the research is an upgrade rather than an entirely new ship - for example, Adalbart von Fahrenheit's
flagship, Darmstadt, will morph into Asgrimm once the latter research has been completed.

- Rank -
Capital ship and unit cap have been merged into a single entity, Rank. Besides unit cap and upkeep, a higher rank
allows you to constructunits faster. Some units require a certain rank level before they can be built.

-= Supply =-
Supply refers to two things:

- Culture (renamed Supply)
- Antimatter (also renamed Supply).

Ships no longer regenerate supply, but slowly deplete it. When it's used up, they can no longer repair damage,
their weapons do half damage, and their shields regenerate at quarter speed. Capital ships (including carriers)
also become extremely vulnerable, losing their 70% damage mitigation bonus.

Supply can be restored in two ways. The first, and simplest, way is to build Supply Depots on your planets, which
will generate Supply (Culture). The other way is to construct Resupply Ships. These large bulk transport restore
supply faster than Depots (5/second as opposed to 3/sec), but are slow, vulnerable, and have a supply pool
themselves, which they draw from when restoring supply.


Thats all for now. So stay tuned for the public BETA-release.



Oh man I can not wait to play this!

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sounds awesome, cant wait :D

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