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Production was slow recently for Runner 3d, but that's over and done with now.

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Those of you who keep up with Runner 3d i'm sure have noticed the lack of updates. This is because we've (and by we I mean I :] ) have been busy with things such as school. But it's summer time now, and that means production will be as boastful as ever! Expect to see a constant flow of updates from the page. And to make up for keeping you waiting, here's 2 new things to chew on.

As i'm sure you expected to hear, Runner 3d demo release 4 is expected to be completed quite soon. But on top of that, we're mapping out the process. What does that mean? It means that future production will be MUCH, MUCH quicker. If that isn't enough, how about this - Runner 3d will be released for android! Unity recently made mobile development free, so along side the alpha release of the game will be Runner 3d android. This version will have touchscreen controls and keyboard controls alike. An ios version is not confirmed in any way, but it is a possibility so keep your fingers crossed.

Though it took a LOT of configuring, we were able to spit out a test game

2.The Original
I've dug up and found Runner Classic, the original Runner game I made.That was when I was younger with GameMaker 8 lite.Contrary to what you may expect, this "completed" version in fact is not the EXACT same game in 2d, so no horrible spoilers.

don't judge me people, I was 12 years old and in a rush :)

For more info on that check out the downloads section, and try out Runner 3d demo release 3 if you haven't already. So after reading this sentence (or not), click on the link below!

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