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I apologise for not posting any new missions, I've had 'Real-Life' Problems and my computers dead..

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Hey there guys, Like I said before, I apologise for the delay etc,
Most of you are probably thinking, How hard can it be to upload already created fan missions?
Well it isn't hard,
But when the hard drive where you had everything stored goes down, that is where the problems start tallying. I'll hopefully be uploading them when I can get my machine up and running and the hard drive working again. I've got replacments so it isn't a case of I haven't got a computer to work on, it's just I haven't got the files. The next one I was planning on uploading was the Theivery Mutator.
Nothing totally different but it added a Light Metre into the hud and included a slightly modifided stealth system.
It's pretty cool, I'll try uploading some screenshots at somepoint.

Thanks Guys.

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