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What is the game about? What was our inspiration? Addressing the most frequent questions about Songs of Silence!

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Greetings from the Chimera team, everyone! Songs of Silence is a true passion project for us, conceived all the way back in 2019. It took inspiration from some of our all-time favorites, such as Ogre Battle, Kohan, and Warlords, and today we're finally ready to show it to our peers on IndieDB.
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Here's the Songs of Silence reveal trailer:

What is Songs of Silence about?

Songs of Silence is a turn-based strategy game with real-time auto-battles, offering an enthralling dedicated single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode with skirmish battles on procedurally generated maps for up to 6 players.

The game story is set in two distinctively beautiful fantasy worlds. These worlds are threatened by the spread of Silence, a world-devouring and seemingly unstoppable force. Multiple factions wage war over the remaining land, too engrossed in petty dispute to effectively act against their approaching doom.

As a player, you command a faction and conquer your rivals through military might, subterfuge, or arcane means. Choose your heroes, lead mighty armies, and manage precious resources to rebuild the ravaged land and defeat your rival kingdoms

Our game offers a unique blend of turn-based kingdom management, exploration, real-time battles, meticulous decision-making, and card-based gameplay.

What’s the inspiration for the game?

We took inspiration from some of our all-time favorites:

- Ogre Battle, Kohan, and Warlords are good examples of focused strategic warfare
- Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Kohan are examples of real-time battle simulations

Songs of Silence is not trying to remake those games directly. It will be its own distinct experience. How exactly? You’ll see when we release more material

What’s the art inspiration for the game and UI?

Our original inspirations came from the Art Nouveau style, especially the character illustrations by the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha and others like Gustav Klimt.

For Songs of Silence we created our authentic art style emphasizing complex characters, sharp outlines, and eye-catching framing. Songs of Silence is a highly stylized strategy game, all units and locations boast stunning artworks meant to depict their stories and support our visual storytelling approach.

Who’s shown in the main artwork?

This is one of the key story heroes - Lorelai, a young queen ruling over the fallen High House of Ehrengard. We first encounter her in the game as she leads her surviving people through a war-torn world pursuing a new abode.
Behold her steadfast and loyal war bull: Our world is populated by several species of bull-like creatures, which are revered as sacred offspring of the mythical Primordial Urak.

Is this game going to have any 4x mechanics?

Yes. The core gameplay revolves around exploring a map (we also offer procedurally generated maps), conquering locations to secure resources, and ultimately fighting for dominance against other factions.

Our design philosophy:
Players should be able to complete a full map in a few hours.

We want players to focus on strategic, high-level decisions. Songs of Silence game flow is designed to run swiftly, with turns proceeding quickly from the early game to the end and combat sequences that are thrilling but, at the same time, last over a minute or so.

We're striving to make sure the game is engaging and entertaining, rather than tedious and bogged down in calculations so that players can focus on significant choices and fully immerse themselves into the game. Our goal is to design a grand strategy game with a perfect combination of enjoyment, intricacy, and tremendous replay value.

Do you plan to have multiple game modes?


One of the modes is a fully voiced single-player campaign telling the story of our worlds and a few key heroes who live through the “Age of a Thousand Kings”.

We also offer randomized maps for up to 6 players (which can be enjoyed solo against the AI).

Our goal is to provide as much replayability as possible. Randomly generated maps are certainly part of the plan. Still, we are also offering a wide array of unlockables, including different factions, characters, maps, artifacts, and much more to keep you motivated. A few more map variants are in the works, but we can't divulge the details yet. We are keen to ensure that this game can be enjoyed long after its release.
Who knows what the future might bring?

What does progression look like in this game?

The primary progression is based on heroes: They gain experience and can level up to gain access to new powers and bigger armies. Hero progression is carried over in the campaign.

Units can gain different "veteran status" ranks, but they don't progress in the same way that heroes do with added abilities. We don't want to put the player in a difficult spot if they suffer losses.

There’s a fully realized location prosperity system in place. Every location in the game has a level of prosperity that will alter its appearance on the map - it can expand or be reduced in size. It can even be destroyed, creating a haven for monsters. They can also be burned down entirely, providing fertile ground for monster nests, or fully restored - unless affected by the devouring Silence…

How to win a map? Are there multiple winning conditions?

Our primary win condition is for you to seize control of the capitals belonging to everyone else on the map. If you lose your own, you have lost the game.

The campaign features several victory conditions, like evading your pursuers or obtaining powerful artifacts.

Achieving those victory conditions largely depends on the faction and heroes you are playing. Each has a distinct play style: While the Thousand Kingdoms are expansionist and defensive, relying on well-protected locations of high prosperity levels, the Crusade acts like a swarm of hungry locusts, leaving a wholly ravaged map in their wake.

When can I play the game?

We haven’t finished the game development and can’t really say now. Please follow us on Steam and Discord to stay up to date with news and important announcements.

Are you going to market the game or GoG, or other digital platforms?

This is something we haven’t decided on yet.

How can I join beta tests?

At the moment we don’t host any closed beta-testing sessions, but that might change in the future. Please join our Discord server and follow the news and announcements there.

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I’m a content creator, where can I get your game logo and art?
If you go to Songs on Silence's official website and scroll down until the end of the page, you’ll see a link to Press Kit. There you can find a press release, game screenshots, a trailer, and much more.
Also, subscribe to the Beta Access waiting list if you wish to receive a key later on.

Songs Of Silence

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