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The fourth installment of Sins of New Eden: Rebirth!

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Bug Fixes

  • The Angel Lif had the incorrect triage ability, causing it to autocast its triage mode at the incorrect time, this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where smart bombs were failing to correctly apply to ships with S sized weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where frigates and destroyers ordered to attack fighters belonging to a carrier would instead go after the carrier.
  • Fixed an issue where the Kikimora and Damavik didn't have warp drive abilities.
  • Logistics and Tactical slot tech's now don't require a lab to be built to function, meaning you won't get stuck if you want to move labs.
  • Fixed an erroneous entry in the description of the Cruor, stating it had energy neutralizers, which the current load out does not feature.
  • Fixed an issue where Asteroid Fields would cease rendering too early when zooming out of the planet grid.
  • Fixed an incorrect entry that prevented smart bombs from damaging Monitors.
  • Corrected the description of the call target function on the Monitor to state that it does not affect allied ships.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Nestor remote repairers to fail to be correctly affected by the cataclysmic variable.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes allow remote repairers, remote shield boosters and cap transporters to cycle on sieged, triaged and bastion targets if the mode is activated after the start of the repairers cycle.
  • Fixed an incorrect weapon type on the Lif and Angel Lif.
  • Improve Industrial Rorquals' Siege to support greater visibility range.

Meshes & Ships

  • 51 new shields added
  • Monitor now has its own textures


  • Proteus has been rearmed to a Rail Gun fit


Proteus fit

  • Zealot has been rearmed to a Heavy Beam Laser fit


Zealot fit


  • Pulse Lasers have been overhauled with a stutter effect.


  • Full-scale texture overhaul

Amarr - old

Punisher OLD

Amarr - new

Punisher NEW

Amarr - old

Abaddon OLD 1

Amarr - new

Abaddon NEW

Caldari - old

Merlin OLD

Caldari - new

Merlin NEW

Caldari - old

Rokh OLD

Caldari - new

Rokh NEW

Gallente - old

Incursus OLD

Gallente - new

Incursus NEW

Gallente - old

Dominix OLD

Gallente - new

Dominix NEW

Minmatar - old

Rifter OLD

Minmatar - new

Rifter NEW

Minmatar - old

Tempest OLD

Minmatar - new

Tempest NEW

  • New models for small floating asteroids


  • New textures for Big Asteroid grids


  • Better wrecks

revelation wreck

Gameplay & Features

  • Slightly reduced the number of Noctis produced by the AI.
  • Changed the max number of levels of the Envoy Shuttle command skill from 5 to 1.
  • Changed the max number of research levels of the Bastion Module skill from 4 to 1.
  • Changed the minimum skill level needed for covert ops cloaking devices from 4 to 1. the duration bonus via cap drain remains on the skill.
  • Changed the way that explosion fragments are rendered on various explosions.
  • Applied a significant reduction of the effectiveness of capital weapons against smaller ships.
  • Increased the effectiveness of ability based weapons (e,g, Smart bombs, Bombs etc) against smaller targets.
  • Citadels can no longer be captured via the use of an Entosis Link.
  • Added a fresh new sound for the previously "rather silent" BFG Superweapon.
  • Adjusted the maximum sub capital fleet supply for each setting to 150, 300 and 450, and adjusted the strings to suit these settings. Capitals have been raised from 80 to 125.
  • Added a note in the description of the fleet supply research stating that the numbers displayed only reflect the 150 setting.
  • Gave the Monitor a passive regeneration of its shield and hull.
  • Adjusted the spawn timers for the Sansha Suicide Shadow and returned its combat movement to behave like normal fighters.
  • Adjusted the levels of exchange that trigger a crash, and a boom, on the mineral market.
  • Increased the mining yield of all mining barges.
  • Changed the maximum number of Citadels permitted on star grids from 4 to 1
  • A ring of lights, indicating the range at which the control tower bonus will apply to nearby defense turrets has been added to the Dark Blood Control Tower, making it easier to see at which distance the bonus, and invulnerability will be applied from the tower.
  • Added a specific afterburner to the nightmare, with its correct bonuses applied.
  • The Cybernetics skill will now provide an additional bonus to the training speed of skills.
  • The spawn sizes for NPC Pirates in sanctums and havens have been increased, as part of the NPC spawning changes.
  • The ability levels for capital ships is now linked to various pre existing skills, instead of their levels, you will no longer have to individually manage each one any more, as a slight drawback, the ability level management button is now redundant along with its numeric display, it can now be ignored.
  • The style of all buttons for ships have been updated into their updated black background style, matching the rest of the GUIs neutral styling.
  • Increased the rate of CONCORD ship spawns.
  • Adjusted the AI spawning properties of various ships, it will now show more preference late game towards its faction battleship hull and will create its capital fleet in a bit more of a linear manner throughout a game, with fewer capitals spammed early game and more late game as it has the resources it needs.
  • Reduced the cost and Hitpoints of each of the defensive sentry guns and the fighter bays, and reduced fighter bay slot use.
  • Tethering a ship to a citadel will cause the vessel to replenish any fighters or drones that have been destroyed.
  • The passive build rates of all drones and fighters have been massively increased.
  • Introduced Freighters into the capital lineup, these versions can be used as part of your fleet in order to resupply fighters and drones to nearby ships, and can also deploy new permanent warp disruption bubbles, These bubbles can be instantly scuttled when not needed, and can be killed by hostile fire.
  • Introduced a new Sleeper Hive site, with a Sleeper Conduit facility that spawns sleepers when hit.
  • Changed the Drifter Tower grid to also use a station to spawn its NPCs, attacking it with subcapitals will trigger cruiser spawns, attacking it with capitals will cause it to escalate to battleships.
  • Jovian Rebalance
    • The 3 main Jovian ships, the Wraith, the Phantom, and the Eidolon have been rebalanced in an overhaul. The purpose being to give a player a viable option to counter certain threats, such as a capital or supercapital fleet, without the need to only use a larger fleet of the same type to attack it with, also is to provide players with a shiptype, that is strong enough, pilot to pilot, to fight against other fleets, like cap fleets, while using smaller fleet supply settings.
    • This is while keeping them from becoming too horrendously op against subcapital fleets, either by certain weaknesses, or by simply not being nearly as cost effective.
    • Each of the 3 Jovian shiptypes have had their tanking type setup to cover both types, so that they can be suitably used by both armor based, and shield based players. Their costs have all been increased to suit.
    • The Wraith, has been turned into a relatively strong all round combat and tackle frigate, with a main beam weapon, for fighting other smaller targets, and a missile launcher, suitable for hitting cruiser sized targets and above. It retains its warp disruptor and stasis webifier, and gains the jovian cloaking device.
    • The Phantom has been given the role of an all round heavy combat cruiser, with a vulnerability to large numbers of smaller targets, to which it cannot deliver its damage to particularly well. It is effective against battleships and capitals.
    • The Eidolon has been tuned into a platform with which to fight against capital sized targets, with a significant buff to its shield and hull HP. Its beam weapon delivers a low amount of damage to battleship sized targets, with a penalty to damage against cruiser and frigate hulls. It also gains a specialized Jovian anti capital torpedo launcher. designed to deal significant damage to capital, super capital and structure based targets, with a severe penalty to any other target groups.
  • The function of Citadel Tethering has been rewritten, with new effects and usage:
    • The function of citadel tethering, long due a remodel, has finally been re done. with a fresh ability mechanic and set of effects.
    • The system can be activated or deactivated via a toggle.
    • When active, the citadel will automatically tether any ships that get within tethering range, and will be released when they are either out of range, or the tether is turned off.
    • Tethered ships are immune to damage and are essentially disabled other than their ability to move normally in space.
    • Tethered ships will also receive a small recharge rate to their shield, hull and capacitor while tethered.


  • Linked all the Capital ship abilities to the current research techs instead of cap leveling thus fixing the dreaded issue of having to constantly level up a Capital Ship one by one.

Neutral Npc's & Hostile Enemies

  • NPC's from maps have been removed and replaced with random encounters, thus requiring the Stellar Phenomena DLC to make it function.

Legal Disclaimer:

EVE Online © CCP Games. All EVE Online mods under Cyno Studios was created under CCP Games's “EVE Online Content Creation Terms of Use” using assets from EVE Online and EVE: Valkyrie. It is not endorsed by CCP Games and does not reflect the views or opinions of CCP Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing EVE Online. As such, it does not contribute to the official narrative of the fictional universe, if applicable.

This material is used with limited permission of CCP Games. No official affiliation or endorsement by CCP Games is stated or implied. Any and all material that may resemble content from the EVE Online IP is owned solely by CCP Games.


Congrats on the release guys.

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