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Contains hotfixes for v1.02 - Fill this later... press on "Read More..." for patch notes!

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Bug Fixes

  • The Monitor was effecting the ships of allied fleets as well as those of your own fleet, causing interference with targeting of these two fleets, which in turn caused issued in multiplayer targeting. the ability will now only effect ships belonging to the player, and not allied fleets.
  • The monitor target call range, has also been increased greatly along with the radius of the effect.
  • The Vehement was missing its warp drive, which has now been added.
  • The targeting priority for the XL weapon types (such as those on dreadnoughts, titans and super carrier fighter bombers) were set incorrectly, causing them to prefer to target structures instead of capitals and super capitals. This has now been corrected.
  • The Fortizar had a missing upgrade level slot, which has now been added.
  • Reduced the capacitor need of warp drives, which was causing frigates to be quite badly disadvantaged with their ability to warp around and became separated too easily.
  • The Machariel had incorrect hull and shield HP stats, these have been corrected.
  • Corrected the support for the research victory condition, and added the sweetener of being able to destroy planets after completing the game with this method.
  • Added a severe penalty to the build time of citadel structures when deployed on neutral or hostile grids in order to reduce the viability of "Continuous Citadel Spam" strategies.
  • Removed the "Ghost Typhoon" from the pirate fleet archives artefact.
  • Fixed some incorrect names on the Random Event Officer NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC capital escalations in sanctums would occur when you field a Monitor.
  • Removed the ability for the Entosis Link to target NPC Spawning Shipyards.

Meshes & Ships

Legion has been re-armed to a Beam Laser fit.

The updated load out features Aurora loaded heavy beam lasers with an afterburner and an additional tracking disruptor.
Giving the Legion a nice new level of usefulness in the Amarr roster.


Enforcer has been given turrets


New shield meshes for Enforcer, Legion.

Gameplay & Features

Warp Drive mechanic slightly improved, now supporting manual activation.

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