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We made lots of little gameplay adjustments this week. So much in fact that Julian doesn't even know what week it is.

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We made lots of gameplay adjustments this week. So much in fact that Julian doesn't even know what week it is.

  • We were working on an unobtrusive tutorial system to show first time players how controls work.
  • Roast enemies over a camp fire.
  • Julian addresses concerns that grabbing an enemy with telekinesis might be too powerful. He explains.
  • Sarahul scout AI was improved. A hit now also slows you down a bit. AI is very complicated to work on. Creatures tend to do unexpected things and debugging is not that easy.
  • The feeling of lifting objects with telekinesis was overhauled. Light items should feel light and heavy items should feel heavier. It takes a lot of try and error to get the feeling about right.
  • We have a button that teleports objects.
  • As a side note: Julian just declared this dev diary #63 (because it's cool in binary 1111). But don't worry, it's #64, you're in the right place.
  • Get into the discussion and leave your comments here, on YouTube, or join our forum at so we can discuss YOUR opinion in our daily team meetings!

Jetcutter - - 756 comments

Becoming more curious..

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supragamer - - 67 comments

Amazing progress.

On rocks mass, bigger = slower, if find the last bigger ones super slow in gameplay, almost annoying ot have to wait for the rock to just move some ditance. You won't be able to use them in combat as they are slow to manipulate. They can be used in distant combat or approaching ennemies by surprise.
As you have great telekinesis you could make all rocks fast enougth to use even bigger ones and just keep small but visible the difference of mass? I find it slow and too pronounced. It's a balance between simulation touch and dynamic fun gameplay.

About escaping combat : Why not keeping some sprint power bar or ability to just sprint enought to really break a combat and flee away ? Perhaps it's better like you've done, like DArk Souls game , you fail with bad strategy/Actions and come back to retry and do better as you know more how combat can evolve.

Keep up the great work.

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RicardoValenzuela - - 48 comments

Thanks for your feedback! Currently we don't have sprint but players can do a Telekinesis shockwave to stun enemies or even use terraforming to make them lose balance. In the video we have shown small rocks with a lot of mass, but it was only to show you how the feel of weight works. If we put in something that is really heavy, it will probably be really huge too! :)

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