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We greatly optimized handling of a player's telekinesis power. Julian shows how it works. We're also multithreading our terraforming algorithm, which doesn't always work.

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Behind the scenes we keep optimizing the terraforming algorithm. We're trying to get it multithreaded.

  • We have been greenlit! Thank you all for voting! This is unbelievable!
  • The new "please vote for us" banner that we wanted to sport this week is now obsolete. The banner is sad, but we're happy!
  • Tobi is back! He was one of the early team members of stillalive. Then he submerged in university duties but got back recently. He is working on optimizing the terraforming algorithm and making it multithreaded. It should bring a nice performance boost! But such a process is not without bugs. Some optimizations didn't yield the wanted result.
  • Telekinesis was greatly optimized. Picked up rocks no longer block your line of sight and get automatically placed beside you instead of in front.
  • Placing objects in exact positions for puzzles is still possible by sensing what the player's intentions are.
  • Tearing out rocks from walls doesn't feel easy. We introduced a resistance that pulls you back and you really need to tear out the rock with force.
  • Daniel drew a more detailed face of the mysterious women we showed you last week.
  • We show a sneak peek of the Scarab Queen enemy. We're still implementing it.
  • Get into the discussion and join our forum:


Congrats on getting Greenlit!

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