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We tweaked the enemy AI quite a bit. It has now eyes and ears! Awesome sand dragon concept. Spellbook mockup and our FORUMS ARE LIVE! Come on in and register!

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Artificial intelligence was a big part of this week's accomplishments.

  • This week's dev diary intro is in Hebrew. I think.
  • Julian improved the enemy AI. Sarahul can now hear things, see telekinesis and terraforming and no longer stand there ignoring everything.
  • Daniel finished the sand dragon concept. This will become a great boss battle.
  • Ricardo works on the in-game spellbook (you'll see a mockup in the video). In this book you'll be able to browse through your spells, get descriptions, read up on the backstory and little pieces of information you get during your adventure. It's cool to stop by and browse every once in a while and it looks gorgeous.
  • Son of Nor forums are live! Go there now and register!
  • As always, please vote for us on Steam Greenlight. This is very important to us.

Guest - - 695,086 comments

Lift up a rock the size of a person, then throw it away to distract an enemy instead of killing the lizard with it. loled.

It's cool to see AI react though.

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ChrisPolus Author
ChrisPolus - - 88 comments

Haha. Yes. You know lizards have bad eyes. And anything the size of a human catches their attention.

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