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We show a new area, a concept of a new race and KICKSTARTER APRIL 30th CONFIRMED!

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We got the Kickstarter down!

  • Everything was verified by all necessary 3rd parties and the Kickstarter campaign itself was approved too. Finally we're all set to go!
  • So our campaign will start Tuesday, April 30th! This time for sure!
  • Windpush was improved. You cannot only cast the windpush up- and downwards but it will also terraform up- and downwards, too.
  • After our big spell system redesign we came around implementing spell combinations!
  • We moved on and are working on a new area. The Sarahul camp in front of the fire temple.
  • Level design documents and mood shots were created for that area.
  • You'll encounter an Aitharii, a guy of one of the races in Noshrac, in that level. Concepts have been done for this creature.
  • Blockout of this new area was done. No programming or active components yet though.
  • Julian sets me up.

Guest - - 688,679 comments

love it keep it up good luck to the kickstarter!

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ChrisPolus Author
ChrisPolus - - 88 comments

thank you ! :D

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Sweet, another update!

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Drakenreiter - - 29 comments

Cool stuff again. That thread I promised on that forum will have to wait a bit (maybe someone else notices the game; if not there's time...), since it turned out I'm going on a small trip on the same day, the 30th, hehe. Good luck with the campaign though! You know you have my full support!

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FargamerDev - - 26 comments

AMAZING WORK!! Congrats on the outcome of the game so far. I'll be happy to purchase SON.

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