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In this new dev diary we talk about the new shielded Sarahul warrior, how enemies communicate in battle and the logic behind some AI behaviour! Check it out!

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AI is again the main topic in this dev diary! We talk about:

  • Sarahul communicate between each other during combat. Be careful how you approach battles!
  • Sarahul have alarm mechanisms that alarm other Sarahul. See how it works and how they use it.
  • How to disarm the alarm mechanisms. Have the upper hand in battle.
  • Introduction of the shielded Sarahul warrior. This is a new and improved Sarahul model.
  • See the logic behind the shielded Sarahul warrior and learn how to defeat him.
  • Son of Nor forums are live. Go there now and register!
  • As always, please vote for us on Steam Greenlight. This is very important to us.

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Very cool. Keep it up!

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