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Another dev update on Ale Abbey, your favorite - and probably only - upcoming Monastery Brewery tycoon!

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December just hit and Ale Abbey's development is going strong! With most of our updates peppered with visuals and screenshots of progress, one wouldn't be able to tell we're mostly working on the backend for the time being... yet here we are!

In today's post read about how we are looking for Ale Abbey's signature fonts, new gear upgrades (shinier, bigger, better!), the next room to work on, and how everything looks together so far.

-- The Library and the Monastery as a whole

So far we have put a lot of effort towards gentle historical and technical accuracy, as well as overall aesthetic consistency. Having said that, every room comes with its own characteristics, tools, and sets of character animations that add to the Abbey's overall character!

The next two rooms in our sights are the Abbot's/Abbesse's Quarters and the Monastery's Library, both of which were showcased a couple of weeks ago. With more time spent on the Library, we are already working on the room's equipment and backend.

And yet again, taking a step away from single rooms, we are delighted to see that the Monastery rooms blend amazingly together!

-- New shiny gear and more animations!

The Brewery will - of course - be the most active room in Ale Abbey. After giving you a taste of some upgradable gear last week, let us show you the final form of what the Monks and Nuns of the Abbey will use to boil their wort!

And, knowing how fast we work with iterations, we have already produced a shinier version (and potential final candidate) for the boiler already ;)

-- A search for fonts!

One of Yannis' very early concerns was settling for a signature font for Ale Abbey early on. Something that would help brand everything from Ale Abbey's already amazing logo to the text used for the quests, art, and UIs.

To his surprise, Emiliano discreetly started looking for a set, just this week!

Although the search just began, it will obviously be ongoing until we find the fonts with the right look and feel without sacrificing readability. A few examples, for the time being, are Alkhemikal and Scriptorium as presented below.

Fear not, nothing's set in stone yet, but you can always share any suggestions or ideas you might have ;)

-- Storing your brew!

We already know that a beer's expiration date is only a suggestion, regardless of how long past that suggestion a beer is, it won't be a hazard to consume, but it won't be a pleasant experience either...

Thankfully, beer is quite a forgiving beverage as long as you treat it well. This means proper storage can extend its shelf life quite a bit.

First things first, if you don't drink it, don't open it. If you open it, drink it. Try not to store opened beer as it already came into contact with oxygen and things can only go downhill from there. Always position upright as it decreases leakage and the chances of contamination. Keep away from light; there's a reason beer bottles are colored in a way that blocks as much sunlight as possible. The same applies to temperature; high temperatures, more bacterial activity, and higher chances something will go bad.

Also, the stronger your beer (darker or with higher alcohol content) the longer you can extend its shelf life! Barrel-aged beers are the Kings of "store of forget," but don't literally forget about them and always research what works for the type you're storing!

You might not have real-life access to Ale Abbey's Cellar, but you can definitely store your beers in a dry and cool spot, in a small basement or storage room. Keep your loot safe!

That is all for this week! Thank you for your time and enjoy your weekend responsibly ;)

-- Hammer & Ravens

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