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May your hops be fragrant and your yeast bubbly!

Ale Abbey is a relaxing tycoon game, designed by brewers and developed for everyone, no ale will ever be a failure, but the elusive perfect brew will be a quest of its own! Craft recipes, brew beer, bribe the local lords, feed the poor, and discover the Abbot's dark past.

  • A variety of Monastery rooms with their own purpose and expansion possibilities.
  • A number of monks and nuns for you to employ, each with their own skills and competences.
  • A lively environment full of decision-making encounters with short and long term impact.
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Management, creativity, and a dash of chance

  • Craft recipes: Choose whether your monks and nuns build on tried and true ale recipes or go completely wild with what could prove to be wacky but hard to resist brews!
  • Brew ales: Manage your stock of raw materials. Use realistic techniques and tools to brew your ale and lager it to perfection!
  • Bring your Monastery into prominence: Delight local lords, fascinate aristocracy and populace, and appease the demands of local bandits to avoid hurdles and bring fame to your Monastery and your brewing prowess!

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Time flies but we've been busy. With the amount of progress we've been making so far we can't hide the fact that there might even be a closed Alpha coming soon. We can't be sure when it will drop, but we know it's coming and we think you should know.

This week we tested Raimo's speed in completing some extra furniture, we worked on two more character UI portraits, and we made some significant progress in the Laboratory room!

-- Reporting from the lab

There's no escape from the Laboratory until we nail its looks. And nail them we did.

In yet another perfect example of the fantastic duo Raimos and Francesco make, we give you the latest refined version of the Lab.

This being the 4th iteration of its looks, designing the Lab seems to be progressing faster than the other rooms in the Abbey. Darker, much more nuanced, and carrying the character of the Abbey, expect to see a lot more updates about it. Especially with the room's furniture being scheduled as you read this ;)

-- Two new UI portraits

This week we also returned to creating some portraits for characters; for when they have to make a UI appearance. Almost close to their final versions, the Bandit Boss (name still pending, but our community is getting to it) and the Bishop, your favorite (or not) quest givers in Ale Abbey.

We were pretty surprised with how nice these look. We might be pushing the idea of repurposing them for some marketing shenanigans (we can't go Yu-Gi-Oh on these, but what about a deck of traditional cards? RIGHT??).


For this week, besides his other tasks, Raimo had to start preparing the production of the furniture that will adorn the Abbey.

As you already know, there is furniture and equipment that have been created for specific rooms. Ale Abbey is a tycoon game, and we want you to be able to personalize your monastery while you build and expand it. To do so we also plan to have a lot of generic furniture and equipment that can be built in all rooms and will add to the looks of your monastery. Some of them will even carry some minor stats and bonuses ;)

Having worked on their descriptive texts, we knew they were coming for a long time now. So here are a few of them!

  • The Flowers

Finally deciding on the best pot and an arrangement instead of one type of flower.

  • The Wall Candles

We decided to go with a silver/grey holder, white wax, and single.

  • and the Stove!

It might look easy, but creating all these assets (with Raimo tackling them at blinding speeds at that) is neither easy nor straightforward.

The biggest issue stems from the minute differences in the rooms and knowing that these - generic - assets will have to look fitting in every one of them. So when we are done with how we (*cough*Emiliano*cough*) envision an asset in-game, we also have to test it not only in terms of size (which would affect the backend) but more importantly aesthetics.

We wouldn't want that stove to stick out like a sore thumb now, would we?

-- Flowers as an ingredient in brewing

This week's work on pixelated flowers made us think: with fruit having a very traditional place in brewing certain styles of beer, could flowers also be considered a proper ingredient? Oh, and forget for a second that hops ARE actually flowers...

Many beers have been brewed using flowers as an ingredient. This would not come as a surprise to those who enjoy herbal teas since they know the unique aromas, flavors, and sometimes even colors, that can be achieved with flowers. And let's not forget other alcoholic beverages that fully depend on flowers. So, if one can use flowers in other beverages, why couldn't they be used in brewing too?

So here are a few examples:

  • Hibiscus Flower: Hibiscus flowers are often used in brewing to add a tart and floral flavor profile to beers. They can contribute a pinkish-red hue to the brew as well. Beers brewed with hibiscus flowers often have a refreshing and slightly tangy taste.
  • Lavender: Lavender is also commonly used in brewing. It imparts a floral aroma and a delicate flavor to the beer. Lavender beers can be light and refreshing, with subtle herbal notes.
  • Chamomile: Chamomile flowers provide a gentle, slightly sweet, and herbal character. Beers brewed with chamomile may have a calming aroma and a hint of apple-like flavor.
  • Rose: Roses are occasionally used to add a floral aroma and a subtle floral taste to the beer. They can contribute a sweet and delicate character to the brew.
  • Elderflower: Elderflowers are popular in brewing for their aromatic and slightly fruity qualities. Beers brewed with elderflowers often have a floral aroma with hints of citrus and spice.

And the list could go on and on! We should be able to coax some recipes from Emiliano as he is known to be brewing with fruit and probably has an idea or two about using flowers too ;)

Enjoy your weekend responsibly, and join us next week for some more Ale Abbey news!

-- Hammer & Ravens

Craving for more Ale Abbey? Or maybe you want to chat with the team and our community? Find us on:

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News 2 comments

Another week of developing Ale Abbey, another behind-the-scenes to get you up to speed!

bookmoviegamereviewe - - 18 comments

I've told you many times on Twitter already, but just saying it here too - this looks great, and the attention to detail is very impressive. :-)

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DrHogan Creator
DrHogan - - 78 comments

Thanks Captain! Super glad to see you here! Yep, we love it, so we pour all of our love and pints into it :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

Are there any plans to put this game on steam for wishlisting etc? I really can't wait play this!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DrHogan Creator
DrHogan - - 78 comments

Hi! Yes they are, but due to past experiences, we would like to hit the steam page as soon as we have at least a first trailer, in order not to waste the few seconds of popularity of a new page! We will announce the steam page on all our pages anyway, FB, X, here, Discord, etc! We can't wait for people to play it too!! <3

Reply Good karma+2 votes
LunarShuriken - - 1,275 comments

Amazing idea!

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DrHogan Creator
DrHogan - - 78 comments

why, thank you!!! super glad you like it!!!

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