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More like "someone's" Brewing in the Abbey this week, with the first of our short posts introducing the people behind Ale Abbey! In today's intro, one of our artists and animators, Francesco!

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This Friday we switch gears and we use Something's Brewing to start introducing the talented team behind Ale Abbey! This is an effort to not only bring you closer to the team but to show people with similar interests and backgrounds that there is a place in gaming for their skills and vision!

Remember that everyone in the team is more than willing to answer questions about Ale Abbey, and their trade, on our Discord server!

Without further ado, today we choose Francesco!

-- What can you tell us about your artistic background? Both in video games and in general.
I think there's a tornado of influences that mix up and alternate with each other since I was probably 8 years old. It began with TMNT on TV and the pixels of C.R.E.A.T.U.R.E.S. on Commodore 64. It later moved on to Bagley's Spiderman and Madureira's Age of Apocalypse. Then I discovered the French comic books of Mœbius and Bilal and grew up with endless movies I watched on Divx. Finally, I discovered indie games, and that's when I moved from user/consumer to creator!

-- What fascinates you in a game? What kind of games do you play in your free time?
What fascinates me most about a game is the game itself. The risk and reward, the game mechanics, and the constant discreet dialog with the developer who "conceived" the rules. I play a lot of experimental indie games (my last big discovery is Elechead) and I've always had a passion for cinematic platformers like Inside. I don't particularly dislike AAA games, but I would still need them to focus on gameplay above all (I consider Titanfall 2 to be the king in that).

-- How did you start thinking about and later developed the visual style for Ale Abbey? What inspired you in that?
To me, from the first talk about the project, Ale Abbey fell exactly between the realistic accuracy of the 90s classic point-and-click games and the irresistible freshness of the Asian-vibe pixels of Eastward!

-- Tell us something about your relationship with beer!

When I was 19, I first drank a Tennet's Super remembering to pass my car keys to my friends because I knew I wouldn't be going back home sober. Now I drink a couple of dark beers, I eat pistachios, and I am happy!

You can find more of Francesco's work on his Twitter profile or on Behance!

Thank you for your time and see you all next Friday!

-- Hammer & Ravens

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