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Today I'm presenting you more detailed articled about game and gameplay.

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Let’s start from genre of this game; MMOTBS is a shortcut of Massive Multiplayer Online Turn Based Strategy. It is hard to give any example of similar title, because it is in fact quite original project. I can only say that we had taken inspiration from production like Battle for Wesnoth (some time ago our game used to have name of Battle for Temeria) or Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and 5.

The game is set in fantasy world of Navarot, which is stricken by never ending war between 5 sides of conflict, which players can control. Those include: Empire, Elves, Dwarves, Horde and Hellbounds. You can read more about them on our forums (the link is at bottom of the article). Each fraction distinguishes itself with different battle style and attributes from others and also in each heroes have different class to select and mages have various domains of magic. For example imperial sorcerers have offensive spells from domain of fire, whilst elven druids uses magic of nature to teleport units from tree to tree on map and support other troops. Orcs have high strength but they are weakly armored, dwarves are good armored but slow and expensive. And list goes on…

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Battle itself is running in “bird’s eye view” / “top-down view”. Players alternately play their turns, starting from positioning their troops on opposite sides of battleground. Each player in his turn can move his soldiers, attack with them, cover under trees or shoot enemy, the only limit is so called Action Points, which each unit have limited amount, that are recovering every new turn (so that elf can do more actions than slow dwarf).

Game ends depending on settings – either after determined amount of turns or when someone’s army is slaughtered. To maximum the balance of game host choose limit of points, which is shown on servers list when player is joining to his server. In lobby each player picks units from his own list, of course while taking into account that he cannot pass that certain battle points limit. To make the process faster, you can save and load in future lists of army with just one click.
After winning a game player gains gold, experience for his units, experience for hero and “Fame Points”. Gold can be exchanged in shop to purchase new units or equipment for our hero. After gaining determined amount of experience, unit raises a level which raises their stats. Players ranking depend on Fame Points – which can be gotten by winning and lost by losing or leaving an already ongoing game.

Each fraction has 5-6 types of units. For example Empire has: Peasant, Recruit, Soldier, Knight and Sorcerer. Most units have at least two different sets of equipment (Peasant can choose between pitchfork and sling, recruit has both short sword with shield as well as bow with dagger) which differ with price.

Player on registration chooses his fraction, creates a hero and gets starting set of units from that fraction which will suffice for smaller battles. Later he must recruit new units on his own. Interesting game can be searched from servers list that other players are creating. You can also view detailed statistics of your opponent like times played, percent of winning, most faced fraction or favorite unit, etc.

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