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I've been experimenting with some new ideas.

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Update 1/25/2016

Good news for those who have been waiting. Version 2.0 of Rome: Total War Enhanced is complete and will be available for download sometime this week.

new campaign screen

Almost done...


Exciting news! Something that I have hoped to be able to achieve in this game for a long time I have been able to accomplish. So I've just successfully implemented a feature in this mod that will allow playable faction switching mid-campaign!

What this means is, you could start a campaign as one faction (Macedon for example) and then at any time during the campaign switch to a completely different faction (like Carthage). It's not limited either and you will be able to do it at any point in any campaign as many times as you like!

Who would want to do this you ask? I can't imagine anyone who is a fan of Rome Total War or any Total War game not wanting to be able to build a massive empire with one faction and then switch to another underdog faction to battle against your own ultimate creation! Will you be able to topple your own powerful glorious empire as a small kingdom? Now you have even more control over how your own version of history will play out!

As for everything else I only have a few more minor finishing touches to complete (mostly graphic user-interface things) and then this mod will be released for all of you patiently waiting for its release!


Happy new year to everyone! So I have taken some time away from this for family and holidays but I intend to start working on this mod again really soon. Sorry to hear about some of the issues users have been having. My best advice would be to delete the mod folder RTWE, re-download the mod and re-install it. If this doesn't work then it may be a compatibility issue with your version of operating system, rome total war, and/or other mods you may have installed. Best of luck to you all and I will make a new post once I have progressed further into the mod. Thank you so much for everyone who has downloaded and supported this project!


Slow and steady progress. So far all the unit textures and reskins are completed as well as battlefield models. I've started progress on the unit_info portraits. After that will be the strategy map components (settlements, buildings, building chains, etc.). Check the images page for more photos.





Still working on this stuff guys but I have to say I'm pretty proud of my progress so far. I'm probably around half-way finished with the next update. Check the photo below! I'll post more photos and news as I make more progress.


Hey everybody! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has downloaded my mod. I'm currently working on some minor updates like user-interface things just to give each faction more flavor but for the most part the Enhanced mod is pretty much complete.

So... I've been toying around with some stuff and I thought I'd post up a little teaser photo.

Something new...

wangmulin - - 7 comments

Is it possible to make units upgrade from lower level to high level, for example from hoplites to armoured hoplites, from hastatis to principes, from light calvary to heavy calvary, just like that in mount and blade.

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xcmhx Author
xcmhx - - 90 comments

From every source I've encountered the answer is no. Would be awesome but there just isn't coding in the game to support the feature. The only unit capable of physically upgrading is generals. You can still retrain units and upgrade their weapons and armor with blacksmiths though.

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SyntaxErr0r - - 38 comments

I love your mod. Keep it up

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wangmulin - - 7 comments

Beautiful, so you add baktria, good to know.

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Guest - - 692,147 comments

This mod has a great potential !!You need to add some little more feautures so it can be one of the best mods !!! :).

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Suesiw27 - - 4 comments

Can't wait the new mod!! Switching from faction to faction. Wow!

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Carl_Wilson - - 108 comments

Just wondering, but maybe you could add another city to Crete, make them their own nation? Also, I noticed that the Macedonian general just sits on his horse, and when you blow the horn, he does nothing. I liked how in Alexander he would rear up and wave his spear. Kind of silly to notice, but I really did like that in Alexander, and you can make the animation come back. Other than that, I really like it so far!

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