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The next devlog for out upcoming game, Somerholm is out now!

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We are still hard at work on our next game and have a new devlog highlighting some of the biggest additions and changes we have included!

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Just like last time, there is no new playable version out, but we still wanted to let everyone know how development is going so far. Going forward there probably won't be a new release of the game until launch date (hopefully early 2023).

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Replaced And Expanded Vegetation
Kicking things off this time, we have replaced all of the previous tree models and added new tree types. The new tree models and variations should add a good amount of variety while exploring different islands. We also added a second type of mushroom that can be found, re-worked the model and variation of reeds, and added fallen over tree logs and barren tree stumps.

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Added A Shop System
We hinted at the stats system and progression with the last update, and we are now happy to show it off and explain how it works out. The player gains money while filling out the journal per island as well as advancing different stats. This money can be used to purchase different upgrades in the shop section of the journal which includes: additional camera rolls, expanding camera setting bounds, improving the map, and having a bed roll and tent spawn near the player start on each island.

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Setting Up Story Support
While we are still working on the story component for the game, we have set up the basics for how everything should come together. The story is set up around finding different notes left behind [redacted], and can be discovered in non-linear means. The notes are left around specific island seeds and while the player can find them naturally, it may take a while or be difficult, so the new shop section in the journal can also be used to purchase island locations where notes are left.

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Added New Animals
The deer have been roaming around by themselves a little too freely as of late, so we added a couple of new animals to find. Turtles and flocks of birds have now come to Somerholm and can be discovered in a similar way to how deer are found. We have also expanded on the AI for deer since they were a little basic, and they can now audibly emote and periodically bend down to eat.

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Added New Weather Effects
We have also added a few new weather effects and some additional ones planned for a future update. To start we have added rain splash particles to the camera when outdoors and looking up at the rain. We also added a new ambient fog system to add some additional variety to weather types and island appearance, kindly created and provided by Gamepeler. In the future we also will be adding support for snow and possibly even season changes.

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Wrapping things up for today we have some smaller changes and additions that we still wanted to mention. Firstly, the game has generally run pretty smoothly, but performance has still been a focus for us, especially when expanding the vegetation. With this update we have added a few new video options and reworked some generation aspects to improve upon performance on the whole. Secondly, while this update did not add any new points of interest, we did expand on the different objects that can appear in/around POI and added new objects entirely. Keeping in theme with how we have handled the boxes that could be found in buildings in the past, all of these new objects are physics based, which ties into our next small point. We have added the ability for the player and the player's dog to kick around any physics based objects, similar to older FPS games.

Once again, we appreciate everyone for their support and wish you all a good day.

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