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I've had my hands full the last week so haven't had time to write a summary, but never the less I wish to give you a sneak peek at some updates.

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Despite my busy days I've managed to pull of some new stuff for LBKR, first and foremost another unique monster has been added called "Necroject". The new monster act as a boss character for the "Necromancing" mission that's handed over to the player early on in game.

I did spend some extra time on updating the visuals for when the monster spawns aswell, still need some polishing but you can see the result in the video below (monster starts to spawn at 00:20)

(Hehe, don't mind the Necroject's attacks, they're quite screwed up, but I'm working on fixing them as we speak! :) )

I've also added an extra texture for the monsters, a splatmap that handles blood spraying on their bodies as they die. (Might be difficult to see in the video but I'll post some screenshots later with some better details.)


Wow, that is creepy! The dead soldier arises and becomes a boss. Awesome job! Did I notice a slow-motion effect?

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Kakburk Author

Thanks! Yes you did indeed, if you succeed to kill more than 5 enemies with one attack ( or perhaps it was more than 3? so long since I implemented it so I don't quite recall... ) a slow-motion effect kicks in for a few seconds.

There's also a chance for the slow motion effect to be enabled if you execute monsters and when your character level up :)

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I thought so... very nice feature! Loot Burn Kill Repeat is turning into a hidden gem. Keep up the hard work!

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