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Some recommendations on how to play the mod, ingame tips and more.

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===///=== Diplomacy 4.Litdum - Reloaded! ===///===


> The game Battle Size can be edited manually to be effectively higher than 150. This can be done by finding the rgl_config.txt file in Documents/Mount&Blade Warband/rgl.config.txt and changing the line 121 "battle_size = 1.0000" to something like "battle_size = 2.5000" that equals to 330 max soldier in one scene wich is the configuration I play on. Unfortunaly changing the Battle Size slider range in module.ini wouldnt change anything at all in practice, so I could not implement this with the module beforehand.

> The first thing I do when starting up the game is go to Camp > Diplomacy 4.litdum mod preferences and change a bunch of stuff. My changes and the reasoning behind them (if needed) are as follows:
- Use Auxiliary Troop After KO: [Companions Only] - This only makes sense to me, honestly.

- Formations Battle AI: [-Disabled-] - Most of the time the AI will just stand there on some formation waiting to be slaughtered and does not properly counterattack whenever you charge them. Getting this disabled makes the AI charge you right away or shortly after getting charged themselves, so this makes battles more bloody to both sides.

- Enable AI to use X: Unchecked - One of them keeps the AI from fighting because its always switching weapons when the enemy is inches away, does not work properly whatsoever, so I just disable this altogether.
- Use Diplomacy Horse Speed Fix: Unchecked - The AI won't be slowed down as well so I see no reason to impair your mobility while the AI keeps riding full-speed even when their horses are badly hurt.

- Use Horse/Camel Reaction Fix: Unchecked - Its seems to be a script that run every X seconds to make horses rear if there are Camels in X meters close to them. Can make 1 camel rear an entire army of cavalrymen, I just do not recommend using this as it makes battles sluggish whenever there are camels around (a rare occurance even, so makes close to no impact ingame anyway)

- Lords Changing Faction: [Infrequent]
- Diplomacy AI Changes: [Medium]
- Economic & Behavioral Changes: [Medium]
- Tournament Invitation Quests: [Low] - some relation penalty might incur if you fail these annoying random quests at [Medium] or higher.
- Enable Scaling Participants: Checked

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> Now some tips would be: make good use of your starting Companions (the troops, not the heroes), they were added to soften the immense gap you have against bandits when starting your campaign, but recruit on villages still and train a reasonable ammount of troops (around 50+) to tiers 3 and above. This should be doable in the starting 2 weeks if you keep fighting Looters, and Mountain/Forest Bandits as soon as you outnumber them. Recruit every enemy prisioner after battles, and train them to Manhunters if you need a quick ammount of cavalry early on. They are weaker than most faction soldiers of tier 2 and 3, but being mounted helps them not getting overwhelmed so quickly, and prisioners are a easy early source of income too.
> The next step is to start questing for a Town and its Lord, whenever possible, aiming to increase your relations with both. As soon as you hit 10 relation with each, you can start saving denars to open up an Enterprise, considering the cheaper ones tend to return their oppening value faster. This will help you manage your money early on.
> As soon an your army starts getting big, on the 120+ to 150+ units with at least half of that being tier 3+, you can start considering joining yourself to a faction. Your goal here is to ambush recently defeated enemy lords, and siege any castle which is weak garrisioned. If you are successful to grab yourself a castle, easily done on campaigns if your relation with the king is good enough, Garrison as many of your high tier troops you can, and keep training more and more until you have a total of 500+ soldiers under your belt. This will conclude your early game, and from here on else, you are free to make your name well known by the Calradic tales that roam the land. Good luck, and have fun!

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