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Filled the list for unique buildings that can be realistically implemented.

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Alright so I've narrowed down the new features that can realistically be implemented into the next version, that I've tested so far. Any other far fetched plans have been thrown away because I simply have no idea how to do them.



This is actually already implemented and I just have to finish the models, textures and balance the whole thing but they work well! They've also been moved to the Fishermen slot of the Dock, and the Fishermen have been moved a slot down.


All barracks can now defend themselves with a limited ranged attack that has a fixed range and isn't very strong, but might be enough to shoo away those few rushing units from wrecking your day.


1. IMPERIAL TAGMATA (Romans, Turks, Egypt, Greeks)

This was made in response to a request for Byzantine units. It is a unique building available exclusively in the Medieval Age. Only the 4 above nations will be able to build it and will be able to train 2 (or 4 depending on how I can make it work) unique Byzantine units. Hopefully I can make 1 infantry unit and 1 cavalry unit that both shoot and fight in melee.

2. CHIVALRIC ORDER (Romans, Germans)

This is where the Holy Roman Knight (now named Knight Hospitaller) and the Foot Knight (previously both Roman unique units) are now available to build. It works similarly to the Imperial Tagmata.

3. NAVAL FORTS (British, French, USA)

Yes, naval forts are not a feature for all nations but instead a unique building. The reason for this is that I'm running out of free entries in the files so I decided to make it a unique building that's available to 3 different nations at 3 different ages.


Among some other updates there will also be the removal of all of the 1 mil buildings (yes I finally managed to fix it!), checking of different map sizes (as some cause crashes) some changes to cruise missiles and some other minor fixes and reskins.

After this update, the road to 6.0 will feature the rest of the Unique Buildings (which I've already planned out but haven't implemented yet), which, in the end will be a total of 13 UNIQUE BUILDINGS and 3-4 new uniques.

Then all that's left after 6.0 is to make a massive balance check and change some gameplay fundamentals (to the rock-paper-scissors) system, to get closer to realism and introduce some basic logic to the game (e.g. a tank should obliterate an infantry unit if it hits it dead on and a bomber should wipe out any infantry it hits square on the head).

karasis Online

Thanks for the hard work.But I think persians need some love too.

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0wcabibi88 Author

Don't worry these are not all of the unique buildings. Persians will get one too :)

Also, as I said, there will be a major rebalancing when 6.0 lands and that will include buffing/nerfing nations based on all the new stuff, so Persians might get a buff.

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realease date? :D

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