This mod completely overhauls the game. Each age now feels more extended and isn't rushed, as well as gameplay is more strategic than just spamming units from production facilities. It is best used in multiplayer. It also tries to re-balance the entire game and add unique units to underwhelming nations and take away unique units from overpowered ones.



(click the 'READ MORE' button for the full list of features and changes) >>>>>>>


The changes in this mod are extensive. Below are some of the highlights.

As of version 5.95, all civilizations have 7 or 8 unique units, spread out through most of the ages. Every nation has at least 1 unit in Industrial Age or higher and has 1 or 2 unique buildings.




    • huge ships that can boost a fleet's armor value the same way generals can
    • can use Ambush but not other general powers
    • benefits from same upgrades as normal generals
    • can attack and is formidable in combat
    • can have more than 1 at a time but cost increases based on fleet size
    • upgrades its stats every 2 ages
    • available from Classical Age

    • nations now benefit from several unique buildings
    • there are currently 12 different unique buidings available
      • Imperial Tagmata (Medieval Age only) - Greeks, Romans, Turks
        • can produce powerful Byzantine units
        • can have only 1 but can be rebuilt
        • becomes abandoned in Gunpowder Age
      • Chivalric Order (Gunpowder Age only) - Germans, Romans
        • can produce powerful Knights
        • can have only 1 but can be rebuilt
        • becomes abandoned in Enlightenment Age
      • Naval Fort / Naval Fortress / Naval Redoubt (Enlightenment Age--Industrial Age--Modern Age) - British, Dutch, Spanish
        • essentially water-based forts that can protect an area from ships
        • have a formidable defence and attack and are hard to take down
        • can have only 1 per city and must be built within city range
        • become abandoned in Information Age
      • Frontier Watchpost / Frontier Outpost (Enlightenment Age--Industrial Age) - French, Spanish
        • a tower that you can place outside your nation's borders
        • weaker than a tower but good enough to fend off a small force
        • CANNOT be garrisoned and becomes weaker with every age past Industrial Age
        • can be built in enemy territory but suffers from attrition
        • costs a bit of knowledge to discourage spamming
        • becomes abandoned in Modern Age
      • Marksman Watchtower / Sharpshooter Tower / Sniper Nest (Gunpowder Age--Industrial Age--Information Age) - Americans, Indians, Koreans, Russians, Turks
        • a tall tower that has 2 snipers in it
        • very long range and is effective against all kinds of units
        • very fragile and is easily destroyed if attacked by a medium sized force
        • CANNOT be garrisoned
        • must be built in a radius of a Large City and only one may be built per city
        • costs a bit of knowledge to discourage spamming
      • Raider Stable (Classical Age) - Egyptians, Lakota, Mongols
        • produces Horse Raiders
        • can be built outside of borders but suffers from attrition if built in enemy territory
        • can have only one but can be rebuilt if destroyed
        • becomes abandoned in Industrial Age
      • Shaman Hut (Ancient Age) - Bantu, Inca, Iroquois, Nubians
        • can produce the Shaman support unit
        • can have only 1 but can be rebuilt
        • becomes abandoned in Enlightenment Age
      • Recruitment House (Classical Age) - Chinese, Persians
        • recruitment buildings that can produce Recruits/Cadets/Army Reserve units
        • can have only 1 but can be rebuilt
        • must be built in range of city
        • does not become obsolete over the ages
      • Naval Watchpost/Outpost (Modern Age -- Information Age) - Chinese, Dutch, Japanese
        • a naval tower with some air defense that can protect an area from a medium sized fleet
        • upgrades in Information Age
        • costs a small bit of Knowledge to build to discourage spamming
      • Raider Barracks (Classical Age) - Aztecs, Maya
        • an external recruitment building that produces Raiders
        • can have only 1 at a time
        • becomes abandoned in Industrial Age
        • very fragile and has no defenses
      • Treepost (Ancient Age) - Aztecs, Bantu, Inca, Maya, Nubians
        • a group of blowgunners hidden in some trees that can be placed anywhere in your territory
        • quite effective against small armies but becomes less effective with every age past Ancient
        • becomes abandoned in Gunpowder Age
        • can be taken down fairly easily without the need for siege weapons
      • Trenches (Industrial Age) - French, British, Germans, Japan, Russians
        • a defense that can be placed inside your territory and can act as an impromptu wall
        • very resilient against most infantry and light vehicles but fairly easily destroyed by tanks and siege weapons
        • can build more than one
        • costs a bit of Knowledge to discourage spamming
        • becomes abandoned in Information Age

    • Barracks now shoot arrows
    • have very limited range and power and become less effective each Age
    • useful to handle small groups of rushing units



  • M4 Sherman, RAH-66 Comanche and MB-1 Light Bomber (America)
  • Jaguar Warriors (Aztec)
  • Resistance Fighters (Bantu)
  • HNLMS Groningen (Dutch)
  • Hakim Infantry (Egypt)
  • Boucanier (France)
  • ELAS (Greeks)
  • Inti Tribesmen, Peruvian Guard and Elite Peruvian Guard (Inca)
  • Border Security Forces, Aryan Chariot, Chola Ship and Rajput Infantry (Indians)
  • Mohawk Riflemen (Iroquois)
  • Mitsubishi Ki-51, Yamato Battleship (Japan)
  • Hwacha, Turtle Ship and KLA (Korea)
  • Lakota Riflemen, Braves and Lakota Supply Wagon (Lakota)
  • Tlaxcalan Warriors (Maya)
  • BMP-1, Red Army Cavalry and T-54 (Mongols)
  • Anti-Air Infantry (Nubians)
  • Qader (Persians)
  • Carabinieri (Romans)
  • Man O' War and Operaciones Especiales (Spain)
  • F.H. 98/09 (Turks)
  • as well as several units from TaP redux that have been re-textured, made into unique units and re-balanced for this mod


  • Foot Knight and Knight Hospitaller (Chivalric Order)
  • Byzantine Warrior and Byzantine Cavalry (Imperial Tagmata)
  • Horse Raiders (Raider Stable)
  • Shaman (Shaman Hut)
  • Recruits/Cadets/Army Reserve (Recruitment House)
  • Raiders (Raider Barracks)


  • Monitor Ship (Industrial Age)
    • long range bombard ships
    • useful at taking out buildings at long range but vulnerable to all ships
  • Light Bomber (Industrial Age)
    • early bombers with very limited fuel supply and only 1 bomb
    • very innacurate


  • 20% larger 'big huge' map
  • Ages and techs take A LOT more time to research and cost A LOT more
  • ALL ramp up cost limits increased
  • Population limit tweaked (75-600)
  • Government types now have larger differences and upgrade with further government selections
  • Gather rates and scholar rates slower (resources per 60s, Knowledge per 120s)
  • Commerce rates tweaked (start at 140, +70 for each Commerce research level)
  • Military research discounts lowered
  • AGE ADVANCEMENT changed:
    • each Age advancement costs every resource available in the previous age (Food is still the main cost, but it is slightly lowered and instead other resource costs are introduced)
      • Classical Age (Food, Timber, Gold)
      • Medieval Age --- Enlightenment Age (Knowledge, Food, Timber, Gold, Metal)
      • Industrial Age --- Information Age (Knowledge, Food, Timber, Gold, Metal, Oil)
  • AGE costs and times REDONE
    • bigger costs and research times in age milestones (I->II, III-IV, V-VI, VII-VIII)
    • slightly lower costs and research times in smaller technological leaps (II->III, IV->V, VI->VII)
  • FINAL TECHS changed:
    • each final tech now costs an associated resource as well as Oil and Knowledge
      • Missile Shield (Knowledge, Metal, Oil)
      • World Government (Knowledge, Food, Oil)
      • Global Prosperity (Knowledge, Gold, Oil)
      • Artificial Intelligence (Knowledge, Timber, Oil)
  • Science tech
    • raised discount from 10% to 12%
  • Taxation
    • reduced Wealth bonus


  • Towers and forts now MUCH stronger:
    • can now DECIMATE an army if siege weapons are not used
    • lots more HP and armor as well as attack
    • fires more arrows and garrisons more units
    • Redoubts have much bigger range, to cope with increased range bonus from CEO
  • Docks have more HP and armor
  • Anti-air guns more HP, damage and range
  • Missile Silo
    • can now only build in Large City radius (but can build more than 1)
  • Cities
    • raised cost
    • reduced armor
    • Can build 11 farms per small city (13 per large city / 15 per major city)
    • now gather +5 Wealth
    • economic radius raised
    • gather rates changed to 17f/8t/4g
    • costs redone and raised
    • increased build bonus
  • Granary, Lumber Mill, Smelter and Refinery
    • bonuses reduced (now boost production by +1 per worker and +1 for every level researched)
  • Smelters
    • production bonus adds +3 to every miner (+2 extra per upgrade)
  • University
    • gathers +20 Knowledge by itself
  • Buildings (all)
    • now give +1 bonus Wealth income
  • Markets
    • now give 6 bonus Wealth income


  • All units
    • speed increased
    • costs completely overhauled (read here for more info:
  • Tanks
    • attack slightly increased
    • added a small amount of splash damage
    • doubled armor value
    • raised HP
    • raised range
  • Bazooka and Anti-Tank Missile
    • raised attack (because of tougher tanks)
    • added a small amount of splash damage
  • Ships completely overhauled:
    • 3x HP, 3x attack but cost more
    • siege ships cost even more
    • subs increased range, decreased speed but more HP
    • Fireships (all)
      • damage vs admirals raised
      • damage vs light ships raised
      • small knowledge cost
    • Subs (all)
      • reload speed much slower
      • projectile speed slower
      • damage substantially raised
      • damage vs. admirals (all) substantially raised
      • damage vs heavy ships (all) substantially raised
  • Siege weapons MORE expensive
  • Supply wagons have more range; all supply wagons heal units, French supply wagons heal at double speed
  • Generals (and Patriots) have more range
    • Government generals have difference in stats, larger ranges and military generals are more resilient than economic ones
    • increased bonuses given by government generals
    • Forced March lasts longer
    • turn speed increased
    • rally speed increased
  • Aircraft Carrier
    • now holds 10 planes instead of 15
    • population cost reduced from 7 to 6
  • Citizens
    • no longer have ramp up cost
    • cost slightly increased
  • Cavalry (all)
    • increased speed by 20%
    • increased dmg vs. foot troops
  • Infantry (all)
    • decreased speed by 10%
    • decreased dmg vs. cavalry
  • Supply Trucks
    • turn speed increased
  • Siege units
    • turn speed increased
  • Pre-Industrial age non-anti air ground units (all)
    • chance to hit air units now very small
    • higher age units have a significant damage bonus against lower age units
    • lower damage against other units (to prolong engagements)
  • Nukes
    • now truly obliterate ANYTHING in the blast area
  • Different units take different amount of population:
    • all cavalry (including tanks): 2 pop
    • infantry: 1 pop
    • anti-air units: 2 pop
    • siege weapons: 4 pop
    • supply wagons: 2 pop
    • machine gun units: 2 pop
    • submarines: 4 pop
    • heavy ships: 5 pop
    • light ships: 3 pop
    • fireships: 1 pop
    • siegeships: 4 pop
    • aircraft carrier: 7 pop
    • fighters: 1 pop
    • fighter-bombers: 2 pop
    • helicopters (and zeppelin): 2 pop
    • bombers: 3 pop
    • unique units: varies


  • Nations:
    • added several new (previously disabled by default) powers
    • re-balanced existing powers
  • Wonders:
    • cost A LOT more
    • give more balanced bonuses
    • added several new (previously disabled by default) bonuses
    • take twice as long to construct, so it's easier to catch someone who is trying to 'steal' your wonder


  • Rare resources re-balanced
  • Starting resources changed
  • Scholars gather rates changed
  • Citizen gather is 8 resources instead of 10
  • Woodcutter slots slightly reduced
  • Mountain slots slightly reduced
  • Larger city economic range
  • Lumber mill range increased
  • Borders tweaked
  • Scouts 2x faster
  • Nukes now VERY EXPENSIVE and take A LOT OF TIME TO BUILD, but also increased damage and blast radius
  • Missiles increased damage and cost
  • Oil derricks give 2x much oil
  • Plunder bonuses increased
  • City upgrade requirement increased
    • 8 different buildings for Large City
    • 13 different buildings for Major City
  • Plunder/Raze values REDONE
    • reduced raze values (all)
    • changed raze for wonders
      • raze value now gives total amount of cost to build it (for example if the wonder costs 500 food and 500 timber, razing it gives back 1000 resources (type depends on wonder)
    • city raze value increased per level of city
    • capital raze value increased
    • despots give bigger plunder bonus
    • added some useful hotkeys to the pause button info
    • added plunder value info to all buildings

and much much more...


  • Re-balance everything as best as possible
  • As I work my way to version 6.0, updates will be less frequent and will first feature a major rebalancing of the entire game and maybe a change in one or two uniques.

Disclaimer: This mod is based on the TaP Redux mod (by probed1969) posted on the Rise of Nations Heaven site (link: That being said, I have not asked the original author if I can use his work in this mod. If there are any complaints by the original author, I will put it down.

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A small update on 6.0

News 1 comment


So, I've been chipping away at 6.0 for a while now. It's gonna be a big patch - not feature wise - but balance and bug-fix wise as well as fixing some cosmetic stuff that I've been putting off for ages (like the misaligned structures, etc.). I also plan to (somewhat) update the AI to handle the mod better.

Because of this it's gonna take a while to finish. And here's a current list of stuff that's in the works:


I've been overhauling the powers for different nations now that all their unique units and buildings have been set. I've made a rating system that gives a total power rating to a nation based on their unique units, unique buildings and powers. It's seems to work pretty well and it's almost finished. I'm also re-balancing a few other aspects of the game like the Patriots and their powers.


I've made 'some' progress with this. I finally managed to find 3 files in which build orders for the AI are written in. They mostly manage how many buildings the AI should build in each city, how many workers it should produce, which tech to research, etc. So mostly economy stuff, but it's better than nothing. Basically I just want the AI to increase its farm limit per city and how many workers it builds. It's daunting, but it's getting there.


I've managed to fix quite a few outstanding issues. Nothing major, but quite a few minor issues have been fixed. Still have to fix the building alignments for the unique buildings. That's gonna be the big hurdle (besides the AI overhaul).


Haven't even started on this yet. It's not that much work but there's quite a few buildings/units that need a graphic tune up. I'll work on this last, once the other stuff is done.

That being said I'm REALLY busy with real world problems right now so, yeah, progress is kinda slow. It's gonna take a while for this update to come out and it will probably be the biggest yet. Maybe it'll even exchange a unique or two but I have only 3 free entries left in the files. I think I've squeezed all I can from this game, without actually changing it's code (which I'm not really allowed to do) so after this update is done, it will be the definitive version of the mod.

After this update, any other updates will only be made based on user feedback (in case a bug needs fixing or there's an outstanding balance issue). Otherwise, it's time to move on to something else. I will probably also make a trailer for this new version before it lands.



Feature 20 comments

The official article to comment on changes you would like to see in the mod.



News 1 comment

Finally, a Steam version has been released! Read the info on the summary page or read below for more info.




How to install and play the mod. Please read this description before posting about bugs.



Feature 7 comments

Read about and report about bugs in this article.

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Rise of the Ages v5.99.5 - steam

Rise of the Ages v5.99.5 - steam

Full Version

Latest Steam version of the mod. Read changelog article for more info!

Rise of the Ages v5.99.5 - non steam

Rise of the Ages v5.99.5 - non steam

Full Version

Latest non-Steam version of the mod. Read changelog article for more info!

Rise of the Ages v5.99.2 - steam

Rise of the Ages v5.99.2 - steam

Full Version

The Steam version of the mod; read changelog article for more info.

Rise of the Ages v5.99.2 - non-steam

Rise of the Ages v5.99.2 - non-steam

Full Version

The non-Steam version of the mod; read changelog article for more info.

Rise of the Ages v5.98.8 - non-steam

Rise of the Ages v5.98.8 - non-steam

Full Version

The non-Steam version of the mod; read changelog article for more info.

Rise of the Ages v5.98.8 - steam

Rise of the Ages v5.98.8 - steam

Full Version

The Steam version of the mod; read changelog article for more info.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 81)

Can a nation have more then 9 unique units/buildings? Possible to have 8 units and 2 buildings for all?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
0wcabibi88 Creator

Maybe, although I'm all out of entries in the files and can't add anymore without the game crashing.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Will this mod work if the game was purchased through the Microsoft app store ? And if so how do you locate the program directory in this instance to put the mod in the correct folder?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
0wcabibi88 Creator

Huh, that's a good question. I don't know because I don't have the Microsoft store version but I assume that the non-Steam version of the mod should work.

Read the article here:

Try finding the folder with the search function in Windows? You just need to find the main folder of the game and extract the .rar to that folder...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This mod is great, and i can play it offline,but i only play RoN on lan with friends. And when i try to play it gets stuck while saying " validating modified files".it wont pass from there. Unless im not waiting time enough, idk.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
0wcabibi88 Creator

If you have the Steam version, download it from the steam workshop. Link here:

If not, make sure you've installed the mod correctly and that every one else playing did so as well ( It works in LAN multiplayer, I've tried several times.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How to install this game(non steam)? Should i start downloading from v5.9 and all the way upto v5.99.5 ... I mean every file is about 50mb.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
0wcabibi88 Creator

No. You just need the latest version. Read the installation article for more info.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks for this great mod!

One little question though

why can only certain nations build trenches lol??!

Would you mind adding them for all or tell me how i can do it so every nation can dig a trench?


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
0wcabibi88 Creator

It's because of balance. If a nation has 7 unique units it has 2 unique buildings. If it has 8 it has 1 unique building.

I gave the Trenches to the nations that used them the most (in WW1 and WW2) while still trying to preserve balance.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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