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Don't you just hate the internet on days like this...?

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Some bad news guys...

I was supposed to be uploading a new update for you all on here today, but sadly I can't do that anymore. You may have noticed the main OverDose site is suddenly missing, with just a simple .sql exploit in its place... Well, thats because the site was hacked sometime over the last 12 or so hours, and the entire directory was wiped. So the OverDose news is gone, all the pictures, concept art etc that was hosted there, gone. The .exe and game .dll's for all our testers, gone...

Thankfully, I have the main gruff backed up locally, so I can just upload that. But some sections, sections I spent hours of work on, are gone for good.

So, thank you kind internet person. Thank you for hacking the site and removing the entire dir, setting us back even further in work load.

Some people are so pathetic...


Cypher05 - - 102 comments

That sucks. :(. I should stop tracking stuff on here, every day I get an update about bad news. :(.

Back up your back ups.

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Kyou. - - 920 comments

haha i no what you mean

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Diffractor - - 24 comments

It's a shame. :(

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masterchief396 - - 425 comments

Man that really sucks sorry man... At least you had some of it saved elsewhere. I hope you figure things out. Good luck and nice work!

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luiz0regis - - 169 comments

lame =/

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Commissar1032 - - 489 comments

God dam it. What kind of sick **** does something like this. But on the other hand this is a life lesson to back-up the hell out of everything that's what I do with my maps, and mini mods I make. Any-who I wish you and the Development team best of luck and I hope this doesn't stall the entire development process. ( wish-full Thinking)

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Cahir - - 186 comments

Well, damn. I guess it's a good thing that you're prepared for these sort of things. I hope you get things sorted and that that moron gets what he deserves.

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Ark_ - - 583 comments

Gah that's a major pain, beats me why people would do something like that.
Some people are just ********(im thinking of much stronger words) it seems. Bloody idiots.

Hope you don't give up on this great project.

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Salsa_Shark - - 1,292 comments

F*** it, is there anyway to trace who did it, like an IP log or anything?

Some people are just C*** Heads, that makes me really want to F*** the F***ing A******* who did this, up.

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Ichiman94 - - 522 comments

****** haxor argh!

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pfannkuchen_gesicht - - 520 comments

hm, I always have a anything of my sites locally, so I don't give a **** if someone hacks a site of mine, though I'm disappointed in our humankind when somebody does hack something in a bad purpose.

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GavinStevens Author
GavinStevens - - 620 comments

Bit different when you deal with databases and the like. Anybody can back up simple html files, but we have multiple .sql databases and all sorts, so its a bit different.

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pfannkuchen_gesicht - - 520 comments

every major change in a database gets a backup, btw, ask your Server provider for a database backup

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GavinStevens Author
GavinStevens - - 620 comments

I can back up the sql database every so often but when the whole point is the hack disabled the database and made it none usable, you can only do so much. I cant back up stuff every five seconds, I do have a life, so only so much can be done.

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booman - - 3,654 comments

We are still here for ya man. Even though you may have to work harder to get your content ready, it will still pay off in the end.
Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

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[Berserk] - - 84 comments

This doesn't affect development of the game, fortunately. We have multiple copies of code and art in a few computers apart from the SourceForge host.

It still sucks there are some "kids" out there with nothing better to do than to **** about with people's work.

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CaptainLagfail - - 259 comments

I suppose at the end of the day the site was only ancillary to the project. Sure, it will be f*cking annoying to fix it all up again, but you'll have something up there eventually and it hasn't affected development on the game. Sometimes sh*t just happens.

All I'll say is my condolences on the site, but don't beat yourselves up over a hacker with no life.

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taesiri - - 304 comments


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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Oh man that's low! You have my deepest sympathies! I'm sure lots of good work was lost, but I'm looking forward to what's to come. At least places like Moddb store a part of the history.

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xalener - - 1,605 comments

Honestly, what's the ******* point of hacking you guys of all people? You've done absolutely NOTHING but good.

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Valherran - - 2,447 comments

When we find the hacker we will dispose of him...quietly... >:@

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Dremth - - 1,400 comments

Why don't people hack things that the majority of people hate? Myspace, for instance? Or Hannah Montanna's website?

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Capn_Nick - - 53 comments

That's really bad (I'd be insane if that happened to me), but if it was "just simple .sql exploit" why it couldn't been fixed beforehand? Anyway, I hope that won't hinder your development much.

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Avenger2150 - - 496 comments

Meh god, why are there ******** in this world that hack ?
its a shame that every thing was deleted, and you got to start the new un-saved features and/or files all over :<
god, kill all hackers.

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Woolybear777 - - 463 comments

My god when I read the title of this news post I thought you were shutting down development. Nearly gave me a heart attack.

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Squiggers - - 713 comments

Thats the lowest of the low - you've got my condolences guys.

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