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Sogni: L'Inizio has been updated to V 1.03 for the english versione and to V 1.02 for the italian version. This will probably be the last update for the game.

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Hey guys! I'm back and I have updated Sogni: L'Inizio to a new version.

Maybe you can just say: "Why update a game after one year?" Well, the answer is simple.
Despite some technical issues, I think that the game is pretty good in general but there is something that ruins Sogni. One of the most important problem is for example the introduction that is very, very slow and probably a lot of players dont' like it. So I have decided to update the game, trying to improve it and trying to make it more desirable.

So.. what's new?

I have improved the introduction that now is faster (from 3 min to 40 sec) and I think that a lot of people will love this thing. Than I have added the VSync and this improvement will make the game more immersive. Finally, I have fixed some little bugs in such a way that now Sogni is more polished.
Unfortunately I am not able to create a Mac version of the game, I don't know why, probably the engine's version is too old. I'm really sorry for this.

These improvement are valid for both version of the game (english and italian).

For the future

Actually I am not working on the next chapter because I need help for it (in particular for 3D models) but I am working on a different project that I will announce during the next few months.
So I hope that most of you will play Sogni: L'Inizio, giving a vote, and stay tuned! Thanks for the attention.

English version:

Sogni: L'Inizio - Eng v1.02

Italian version:

Sogni: L'inizio - Ita V1.01

Have a good dream!

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