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Title says it all, details on whats to come in the next TK update and whats been fixed.

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It's been a while since I posted a news update so I figured hey let's do one now as things are starting to change beyond what people recognise (I've come across screen shots of TK with my HD textures et al and people have been confusing it for Crysis :-o ). Anyway, hopefully you all will like the next TK update here is whats going down;

- Revamped Story (v1)
The story is still what everybody loves, but dialog has been quite significantly fleshed out. No more will you see the absolute minimum of text and details where somebody got lazy. The story / narrative is being made much darker, the script is also much more gritty, there is emphasis on distrust and doubt but in the way you would expect, sometimes snide, sometimes indirect, other times direct. It's being written to cater for the situation in hand and to the character you are speaking with. There's also more details added into conversation and log entries, tactical hints, personal elements from the perspective of that character, his thoughts, his fears, his discoveries, etc. "Freeman's" log entry should give people a nice creep factor for example ;)

- "New" main character
You are no longer "Marked One" / Strelok, you are Jackal, a mutual acquaintance of Strelok's group, a information gatherer of sorts - but not like Nimble or Tolik, you're hard. Your name comes from your reputation of being a hardy survivor, more so than most others.

- Grammar / spell checked XML files
A lot of you have probably noticed grammar and spelling errors all over the place in the vanilla XML files, well that's not the case anymore. I figured I'm revamping the story, It wouldn't make sense not to kill off all those spelling errors.

- Fixed textures
I've addressed yet more texture seeming issues and refined a couple textures as well as replacing the final few low resolution textures. Textures that outright haven't been replaced have been upscaled and generally tidied up, so they still look pretty :)

- [TBC] Fully implemented Finite Engine
This isn't being directly worked on by me, hence the [TBC], but if it is ready by the next update it will be implemented. Expect such things as sunshafts that look so gorgeous you'll be hard pressed to tell if their hardware or software and dynamic wet surfaces. Meltac is even keeping a few things as a surprise to me.

Those are the main changes, there will probably be numerous other minor changes. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to try and find some people who have (or can do) a Russian-English accent in order to do voice-overs for the revamped story.


I've got one for ya!
Get the guy who does FPS Russia to do the voice-over (nyuk nyuk nyuk)!!

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ketxxx Author

I have no idea who that is :p I'm not finished with the first revision of the story yet anyway, rewriting it is going to take longer than I hoped because its all kind of broken in the XML files. I've done all of the smaller files but still have the "monster" (50-100kb or more) files to do.

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